The power of knowledge

By Pastor Sunday Adebamiro

TOPIC: The power of knowledge

Knowledge is the acquisition of information, revelation, facts and skills by either experience or education.
It is familiarity, awareness and understanding of something or someone as it relates to information, fact, description and so on.

It is the awareness about how something functions.

7 reasons why knowledge is powerful

(1) Knowledge gives us access to our inheritance;

we cannot access what we don’t know. The ticket that God uses to take care of your salvation also takes care of your health, life and prosperity.

(2) Knowledge liberates one from captivity.

(Hosea 4:6; Isaiah 5:13; Prov 11:9).

Ignorance is a disease. Most of what we blame on witches and wizard are reflections of ignorance.
Knowledge is the awareness of correct fact and information about yourself.

Everybody has light but you cannot shine beyond the intensity of your light.

The intensity of your knowledge determines the potency of your light and the potency of your light determines the rate of your speed.
If you try to move beyond the strength of your light, it would cause destruction. If you want to increase your speed, increase your light and if you want to increase your light, increase your knowledge.

(3) Knowledge brings about transformation.

You will remain who and what you are except for the books you will read and the company you will keep. You can’t be transformed until you are informed.

(4) Knowledge provokes distinction and exploit.

(Dan 11:32).

Deep knowledge leads to great exploit. Your result will be common if your knowledge is common.Wishy washy knowledge will produce wishy washy results. (Acts 26:24).
If you want to stand out in destiny, you must be mad with knowledge. It is those that are addicted to knowledge that would stand out in destiny. (2nd Tim 4:13).
If you have a kitchen and you don’t have a library, you are not set for an outstanding destiny.

(Rom 11:23; 1st Cor 10:1; 2nd Cor 1:8; 1st Cor 12:1; 2nd Cor2:11; Prob 24:5).

(5) Knowledge provides way of escape.

Knowledge does not jump on anybody; you must pursuit it.


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