Growth Track

By Rev Sam Oye

Topic: Growth Track

Thursday, 06/02/2020  Bible study

Growth is the proof of Life; it is actually the proof that you are breathing and living. Its absence is indicative of death or a disease somewhere.

If there is something you need to fight for, it’s growth and if there is anything you need to fight against, it is anything that hinders your growth.

You were born so that you can grow. The proof of your spiritual growth is usually measured by how you respond to the continuous misbehavior of people around you.

The evidence of our growth is what convinces the world that something happened to us; this is different from just being born again.

In life, the proof of your maturity will be determined by your response to situations. This is because maturity is the ability to delay reactions, most times.

(2nd Pet 3:18) Salvation is free; it was given but growth is not given; it is worked for.

Nobody will grow for you; you have to grow for yourself. Your future and usefulness to God and humanity depends to a large extent on your growth. Jesus did not call us to become Christians or church members but to follow him as disciples.

Don’t just grow, get mature. You cannot become a disciple who disciples others if you’re not growing. The success of your marriage and family depends on your growth. There are things God won’t give to you because your maturity excludes you from such a gift. The reason Christ gave us the church is for the same reason He invited us in order to equip us until we become mature like Him.

The blessing that God wants to give to you is dependent on the kind of growth you want to have.

Know too that there can’t be growth without systems in place.

Eight systems that disciples must commit themselves to in order to grow and mature;

(1) Prayer system (intercession, petition, confession, Declaration, submission, consecration, supplication, thanksgiving, etc).

There is a priestly side to your prayer system and a royal side to your prayer system.

(2) Word system

(3) Faith system

(4) Service system

(5) Giving system

(6) Relational system

(7) Evangelism system

(8) Discipleship system.

Five stages for spiritual growth and maturity.

(1) Babyhood stage – (1st peter 2:2)

Desire for prayer (cry) and milk (the word) is what characterises this stage.

(2) Childhood stage

(3) Sonship stage

(4) Manhood stage

(5) Fatherhood stage/parenting stage.


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