Epignosis (Pt 1)

By Rev Sam Oye

Topic: Epignosis (Pt 1)

Bible Text: 2nd Peter 1:2

Peter said, “If you have the knowledge of God, you will have peace and favour multiplied.”

The more of God you know, the more of grace you will enjoy.

If you want to see favour multiplied in your life, pursue God. The pursuit of God is the pursuit of favour; it is true. The more you pursue God, the more you attract what others crave for yet don’t get.

Don’t reserve the left-over years of your life for God. Don’t pursue all these only to come and find out that God is all you should have pursued.

In verse 3, Apostle Peter made us to understand why some people are able to attract all things.
Your power brings some things but His power brings all things. Reliance upon your own power will bring to you limited blessings. Absolute reliance on yourself would bring some results, but reliance on God brings all things which include life and Godliness.

The knowledge of God activates His power to bring all things into our Life.

Gen 27: 20 takes you to the question Isaac asked Jacob: “How were you able to achieve the game so quickly”, Jacob said, “Your God brought me.”
There are some People God brings to things that others long for and those people are the ones looking for God.
May you not come to the end of your life and realize that the simple principle of God you refuse to practice is the reason you had a hard life.

Life is a mystery and what governs lifting is beyond human comprehension.

God likes to put on display those you dislike.
(Eph 1:17)

Types of knowledge in the Greek


The type of knowledge of God we are looking at is EPIGNOSIS which is advance, exact, complete, precise, intimate, personal and experiential knowledge of who God is.

Epignosis is the advancement of the knowledge you have of the person before.
You can never get all of epignosis at once.
It is the knowledge of today that made you distance yourself from the knowledge of yesterday so you can make a difference today.

There are three courts in the tabernacle and they are all progressive revelations of God.
In the outer court, you have a general revelation of God.
In the inner court, only few priest are allowed and in the Holy of Holies, it is only one person that gets into that level of relationship with God.

It is consecration that allows for deeper knowledge of God.

(1) Epignosis is the advance knowledge of God
(2) Epignosis is exact knowledge of who God is.
(3) Epignosis is complete knowledge of God; having an intimate knowledge not God.

The most sacred thing between two lovers is not when words are spoken but eyes are gazing into each other. There are unspoken deep communication going on at that moment.

Epignosis is the kind of knowledge that illuminates you and establishes you in the will of God; it brings light to you.

The question to ask is:
How is your prayer life?
How is your Bible study life?
Are you working for God or walking with God?

I am calling you to a place of intimacy where all things are magnets to you.

Why do you need to pursue Epignosis?
(1) It illuminates and establishes you
(2) It dispels ignorance
(3) It impact your behaviours and transforms your life
(4) It causes you to have a megashift

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