Gilgal Day 4- The economic system of the kingdom Pt 1

By Apostle Joshua Selman

Topic: The economic system of the kingdom

              (Psalms 35:27; Psalms 112)

Part of the system of dominion is that something must come out of you to validate the dominion.

The kingdom of God is systemic in operation.

Man was made but the church was built. God designed the victory of the church to be hinged on system.There is a system in the kingdom that guarantees the victory and protection of saints; there is that which guarantees salvation and the life of God.
(Joshua 1:8) There is an economic system of the kingdom which is a foundational truth of the kingdom when it has to do with wealth and abundance.

  1.  The desire to access the wealth and abundance of the kingdom has nothing to do with money; it is a time redemption strategy. The battle for wealth is the battle for TIME and SOUL.
    The real commodity in the realm of the spirit is not real estate and others but TIME and SOUL.
    (Ephesians 5) Whoever conquers TIME is wise. The unit of destiny is TIME. No matter what leaves you, if TIME is still there, you are not at a loss. (Isaiah 38).
    The battle for wealth is the battle for TIME redemption.
    Everybody’s destiny by default is disadvantaged; you rewrite your destiny by taking advantage of the systems that have been put in the economy of God. Add it to your destiny and then you start changing things.The system is inclusive of mercy and favour; they are used to redeem time.
    Most people approach prosperity from a standpoint of lust. It is not just truth that blesses, it is a sequentially- arranged truth. Satan knows that once you have TIME, you are dangerous and he fears anyone who has time.
  2.  The soul and the world are commodities of transaction. The real commodity of exchange is your soul. You get into trouble with satan when you want to prosper even as your soul prospereth. The battle for wealth is not just the battle for finances. When your prayer life dies; when you become a millionaire, your soul is going.
  3. You can easily know who prospers a man by looking at his soul. Everytime Jezebel appears, she looks for the government. The merchants of the earth increase based on their harlotry with the Jezebellic system.

(Rev 18:2-3; 9-13) Satan will not just watch you rise. Know that as you rise, your soul also rises. The richer you are, the more your knees need to touch the ground.

Certain truths about God’s economy

  1. All wealth comes from God and belongs to Him. Human beings, system and structures are only vehicles and funnels, not source.
    In this kingdom, owners are rebels; we are given stewardship not ownership.
    You can freely eat of anything given but never yours. You only own in terms of demonstration of responsibilities.
    The key to freedom is detachment from ‘things’.

    The side effect of ownership is that you are absolutely responsible for maintenance.

  2. All blessings come from God through men to men. When you have favour with God alone, you will have encounter, depth and revelations but you will be poor and broke. You also need favour from men. Everything on earth are all funnels.

If your wealth comes from your value-adding structure you are in trouble but if it comes from God through the value adding system, you are free.
The jealousy of God is the factor that makes him protective of everything that is exclusively God.

The laws of Kingdom Wealth
Both the natural and spiritual laws of wealth are together called the kingdom laws of wealth. The spiritual laws are responsible for the manifestation of resources including finance. The natural laws are responsible for the management system, this is what makes wealth trans-generational.
The kingdom laws are divided into natural laws and spiritual laws.

The spiritual laws:

(1) The law of absolute surrender
(Prov 23:26) When you want to do the business with God, He needs more than your money; He needs your heart.
Your heart is the tray that all your offerings are received from.
For someone who wants to be trusted with the wealth of the kingdom, leave the issue of money and focus on God with your heart.
In salvation, you receive Christ but in being used by God, you offer your heart.
When you give your heart, you give your tendency for being attached.
The issue of your surrender to God is not only the key to wealth but a key to everything.
It is not because believers are not innovative but our hearts are not fundamentally with him so his jealousy cannot defend our ventures.
Everybody looks like angel but God is the discerner of the heart of men.
God loves everybody but he doesn’t trust everybody.
You know it is not God’s yoke when it is killing you. Let God be Abba.
If it’s killing you, find out whose load you are carrying; it may be your ego.

(2) The law of tithing.
Tithing is true and scriptural; it is still required. The only thing that changes is the understanding not the giving.
Tithing has nothing to do with money; it is the law of open heavens.
The assignment of tithing is not to give you money; it is an ordinance that secures open heaven so that anything done under the open heaven will prosper. (Malachi 3:10)

The blessings of a tither

-Open Heavens
Many things happen when the windows of heaven are opened. Jesus operated under closed heaven for 30 years until the heavens opened.
– Out-pour of the blessing.
The blessing has nothing to do with money. Anything that is not of the blessing is unspiritual
The blessing of Abraham is not money but justification by faith.
There are blessings of Abraham. It is a dimension of the operation of the Holy Spirit. The blessing contains magnetic properties.
-Rebukes the devourer
-Your fruit won’t be destroyed
-Your vines shall not cast her fruit before her time
-All nation shall call you blessed
-You shall be God’s delight (Beulah and Hephzibah)

(3) The law of giving (Gen 8:22).

There are many dimensions to giving and there are different blessings allocated.

Giving that opens up wealth and abundance
-Kingdom investments (Ps 122:9). He gave them the gold in Egypt because he knows they will need it for the building of the terbanacle.
-Prophet offering: A prophet offering is your discernment. Whatever he uses it for does not concerns you. It is a weapon of mass destruction to poverty. When you give a man of God money and he gives you money, he cheated you.
-Seed faith.
The life giving component of every seed is in its depth. It is only your seed that is able to carry another body. Seed faith is a mystery. You can sow money and reap correct children. The reason money is preferred is because of portability, usability and a reflection of value.
Anything that enters the ground is dead. You can kill anything with a seed.
A seed is powerful because it did what Jesus did.
The rarth is not a ground, it is a mysterious container.You can bury any issue inside the earth.
The rarth is a mystery of advantage. Engage the seed mystery of the house of God, your prophet and the earth.
When you fufill the spiritual laws, three spiritual blessings happen to you immediately.

-Favour; loyalty of men.
-Activation of the blessing.
The proof to favour is consistency.

When blessings refuse to leave you, it means THE BLESSING is on you.

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