Gilgal Day 2- Mega speed for a Mega shift

By Rev Sam Oye
Topic: Mega speed for a Mega shift
              1st Kings 18: 41-46
Nothing regulates the speed with which you move like the courage with which you move. You will arrive your destination at the speed of your courage; the same thing covers for investment. There are people that have appetite for high risk investment and because of that, they make money at that level. You will go as far as your courage has allowed you to.
When God spoke to Joshua, He told him to be strong and of a good courage. That was because he was about to do some things quickly. The greatest evil that the devil can ever do to you is to put around you system, structure and human beings that would make it possible for your time to be regulated.
Whatever regulates your time controls your life. The anointing oil is helpless in the presence of a bad habit.
Wake up! You don’t have much time as you think you have.You can’t postpone the night.
Night is when you begin to feel more asleep than awake. I have never seen a generation of wasters like in this generation.Who are their wasters? The women in their lives. A man should be man enough to be a provider.
What therefore is speed? It is the ability to quickly move towards your God-given goals.
There are 3 levels when it comes to speed.
  • Zero speed
  • Lower speed and
  • Higher speed
It is the application of force that causes things to move. If movement would take place, intentionality must be in place. Life would remain where it is until we decide to move and secure the force.
Nothing causes zero speed to be maintained like zero speed associates. It takes an external provocation sometimes to get moving. Peninah was needed for Hannah to become restless. The first thing you must do from what sedates you is to RISE UP.
You never move into an unfamiliar destiny holding back the hand; you should wave the familiar. There are good counsels that contend with divine push. You would have gone farther than where you are if not because of your love for the familiar. If you are going to fly at the level at which jet flyers fly, you need to leave the familiar. If you are going to move with speed this year, be careful of not being around those who are not moving.
Lower speed is when you are moving in life but very slow.The terrible thing about slow speed is that it is the greatest killer. It makes you feel like you have arrived when you have not.
I pray for you that God will give you high speed this year.
God said to Joshua, there are more lands to be taken. Whatever you want to do, do it quickly for as the Scripture says that night cometh when no man can work. Nothing weakens the speed of people like procrastinator.
May God not surround you with people that would make your need for speed unnecessary. Sleep less so that you can teach more, pray now so that you can play later.
High speed should be your focus this year; therefore, what thou doeth, do it quickly.
Go for that Masters Degree programmme and PhD, where necessary.
Everything you postponed in the past, start doing them now. Whatever is not done now would not get done later.
How do you sit down with your children and explain their dream away because of your lack of preparedness for a future that you knew was coming? An organised life is not a product of accidental living.
Forces that hinder supernatural speed (speed breakers)
  1. Persistent disobedience: Constant disobedience to the voice of God can limit your speed in life. Delayed obedience can rob you of your speed.
  2. Unresolved arrogance: (2nd Chronicles: 26). Don’t allow zeros to fool you; don’t allow your bank account to get into your head. Arrogance can slow you down because God resists the proud. Don’t accelerate when you are suppose to humble yourself.
  3. Wrong association
  4. Loss of vision
  5. Powerful distraction
  6. Strange storm (Mark 4:35).
I prophesy that anyone in the midst of a storm is set free now in the name of Jesus.
In order to experience speed, you must pray with understanding and in the Spirit.
Gen 27:20 If God doesn’t give you speed, you will be watching others just moving.
The grace for speed is something you can ask God to give you.

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