Gilgal Day 1- Mega Decrees for a Mega Shift

Mega decrees for a mega shift
By Rev Sam Oye.
From the beginning, God wanted to show us how to see. To that extent, the things I see today are the things I said long ago.
In the beginning, God said and in the end God saw.
In the beginning you must say so that in the end you will see.
Kenneth Copeland said he does not have any infirmity in his body because he had earlier spoken everything he wanted to see in life.
You are seeing why you said in the beginning and you will see in the end of this decade what you say at this beginning.
2010-2019 or 2009-2019 was the Jewish year 2570-2579. Now that we are in 2020, the Jews are in the beginning of 2580 which now makes it 2580-2589.
The word 70 defines a year and that’s how the Jews define a decade and it’s called AYIN with a symbol that looks like an eye which makes it the decade of seeing, vision and revelation. So, the last decade was a decade of revelation and preparation.
The last decade was about seeing so much in the spirit.
This decade is a symbol of Saying and it is called PEH. It is the decade of declaration.This is the decade to declare with your mouth what you have been seeing with your eyes. The kind of prayer that will work in this decade is the prayer of decree.
When God came out, he saw that darkness was upon the earth, but He spoke the things He wanted to see, so we should also declare the things we want to see in this decade.
This is the decade those that give angels what to work will thrive.
Angels want to work but they need resources to work with.
In this decade, nothing will shift until your mouth begins to speak.
(Heb 11:3) If you are not shaping your world by your word, somebody else will shape your world.
(PS 33:6) By the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of the reach of His mouth. The word is not logos; it is Dabar (the active and the creative word of God)
By the word of the Lord will your heavens be made; you don’t need money first, you need word first. God’s creative world always find expression through God’s creative word.
It is one thing to hear God’s word with reverence and another thing to declare it with confidence. Your reverence of the word will not make you prosper; it is your declaration that brings result. The words that you speak are powerful and the born again experience makes it doubly powerful.
(Prov 18:21) The fruit you will get in the end of this decade is predicated on what you say.
How powerful your words are;
  1. They can cause things to move (Mark 11:23). This is not the decade to rely on pastors but a decade to know God for yourself.
  2. They can be used to cause negative things to stop and seize (Num 14:28). Your mouth can stop negative cycle.
  3. They can kill the things you don’t like to see again (Mathew 21:18-19).
  4. The words that you speak can make dead or dying things to live again (John 11:43).
Your words can shift and change the major things that are around you.
It’s the power of the words God has given to you. (Ezek 37:7).
When you begin to speak, bones will come together.
When I speak of bones, I’m talking about people that will give your destiny structure.
What God has in mind is to make you a mighty army but you won’t become mighty if bones don’t come together.There are some that need to come together for the protection of and provision for your destiny.
There are bones that will produce cells vital for your sustenance but you need to let them come by prophecy. When the bine comes to give structure, God give covering.
Without bones, you don’t move and you can’t go forward. In the same way, your mind can think but it takes bone to move.
You have a mind, you can see and think but the reason you’ve not moved is because you don’t have bones in structure.
Anywhere you see movement and success, bones have come together.
Have dream, but never fail to call bones into being because you can’t go far without them.
When bones are coming together, you may not like their shape but you need their function.
Your dreams have been limited because you don’t focus on bones; you focus too much on dreams.
I decree that your bones begin to come together from the north, west, south and east.
Know that when you become bone to somebody else, they become flesh to you.
Prayer: Wherever the bones attached to my destiny are, let the wind of God bring them; I will not toil in vain in Jesus name.

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