Wonders through God's Presence 2 By Pst Nelson Ogohi

 April 10, 2022
 (2nd Service)
Mark 5: 21-30
In the first service, we began to talk about what helps us to understand how the world works and how the presence you carry practically becomes your distinguishing factor.
We were able to establish that wherever the presence of God dwells, you will find His person and His power. You cannot have one and not have the others. When Jesus walked on earth, He embodied the presence of God which shows the exploits that followed Him everywhere He stepped. When we talk about the presence, we are not talking about something you carry about without effect because the presence carries power, and the power is the recipe for manifestations.  So, when you hear that Jesus appeared in a place, what you should know is that His presence commands miracles. Wonders are possible when the presence of God is made manifest. The news of His person creates an expectation that His presence manifests. The presence of God is manifest; it can be seen, it can be touched, it can turn things around and it carries the power of God. But not everyone can carry His presence.
One thing I have come to realise is that the presence of God gravitates in the direction of those who look for it.
You don’t need to suffer this much; just create room for Him like the woman with the issue of blood. With an unyielding expectation, she crept forward until he could touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. You need to reach out for His presence. You are going to drag His presence into your life. Make yourself His sanctuary so that you can carry His presence with you everywhere you go. Reach out in faith and call into your life the presence of the Most High God.