Bible reading : 1 Samuel 25: 1 – 25

Sub theme : Wisdom for outstanding men

Today’s series will center on wisdom for outstanding men.

Wisdom is the ability to make sound judgments based on sound mind, deep thought, prayer and God’s word.
This goes to say that people can also make unsound judgments vis a vis anger, fear, anxiety, depression and negative emotions.

The scripture we are deliberating upon centers on a man in the Bible time called Nabal.
Sequel to this event, David king of Israel at that time was a close business associate with Nabal. David only needed him to return a favour but instead, Nabal rained insults on David’s entourage sent by David for a favour due to him.

David decided to kill Nabal and Every member of his linage and bring his entire enterprise to a shut down but because of the intervention of Nabal’s wife, this plan was averted. She is indeed a wise woman and every wise woman should take a cue from this singular act.

Eventually, Nabal died and David married Nabal’so widow wife Abigail because of the level of wisdom demonstrated by her.

It is common exercise in life that you will get the worst from the best. People you have extended your helping hands to in the past will most times be the one’s to turn their backs on you when you need them.

Never stop at the point of disappointment. Present situations should never allow you give up on the future of rewarding relationships.

For women, there is a way to live with a fool as husband and build healthy and qualitative enterprise. Insulate yourself from his foolishness and isolate his foolishness from your clients.

The greatest burden any woman can have is to be married to a foolish husband.
You don’t know a foolish man by how he looks even if he is educated.

Qualities of Nabal’s wife.
1. She has wisdom for outstanding decision making. Proverbs 14:1

2. She has wisdom for building outstanding business, career and ministry.

3. She has wisdom for developing outstanding relationship.

Nabal’s foolishness made him loose his life, wife and enterprise all in one day.

One of the greatest cause of losses is the absence of wisdom particularly amongst men.


1. They hold back and control their anger. This is the ability to delay reaction.
A vivid example is Moses in the Bible. The only thing he couldn’t control in his life was anger and he paid for that with his life.

The presence of God without His word cannot transform a man.
See Proverbs 29:11.

Think about the consequences of your anger before you react. See Proverbs 22: 24 – 25.

Man, watch your anger.

2. They are not lazy or laid back.

See Proverbs 21: 25 – 26.
Your desires must match your corresponding efforts. Work as a man if you have a dream.

Lazy men have desires but don’t have labour for their desires.
See Proverbs 24: 30 – 34

Nobody is responsible for your future. Tell yourself that if you must rise, then you need to rise. Work hard.

Be rich. Don’t look rich.

3. They run away from sexual immorality.
Take responsibility for your actions.