Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 25: 1 – 25

As a continuation of last episode, focus today will centre on women as they celebrate mother’s day.

Sub theme: Wisdom for outstanding women.

A wise woman delays reaction. Outstanding women interrogate their decisions. They sit down and see The decision as the right one to make.

Wise women scrutinize their choices before the make a decision. The only way to recognize a wise woman is through the quality of the decisions they make, while you know a foolish woman from the quantity of decisions that they make.

Foolish women make several decisions within few minutes. They are never consistent or rational in the decisions that they make and you can tell by their decisions.

They don’t see the end of a journey before they embark on it.
Wise women take their time to make decisions that is why the quality of their lives is different from that of foolish women.

The difference between one woman from another is not beauty or brains, it is decision making process. The Foolish ones will always vent out.

Instance is made about a woman who reacted irrationally and insulted her husband after reading a text message on her husbands phone only to realize that the message was from her husband’s niece.

Assuming the husband is of this woman is a thinker, what do you think will happen?

For a think husband, the problem begins after the wife have rained insults on him thinks that the man will forget just because she had apologised to him.

The woman will have to undo what she has done by insulting her husband because the words will keep playing on his mind.

Men are so gifted that they can be around a woman but emotionally far away from them. It is called the capacity to compartmentalize.

Men have their lives in boxes so it will depend on which box he wants to visit per time.

Wise women make sound judgements, they remove negative patterns of making wrong decisions.

Check your decision making pattern as a woman. What compels you to make certain decisions? . Check it.
Slow down when you want to make decisions.

God speaks to us in a mirage. It is the strategic way for heaven to invite you into a journey. If God shows you the process, you may give up the future.

Wealthy women don’t become rich in a moment. It is called the law of accumulation. Sound judgement backs up every thorough investment.

Today, a woman is only beautiful only to the degree to which she is an asset to her husband.

Wise women don’t use what is common to threaten a man.
Never use your body in doing so. They use what is scarce to get their husbands attention.

Wise women don’t give their marital bed to other men outside her marriage. They cover the men they build relationships with in public but addresses them privately with respect.