The Power of the Blessing I By Pst Sunday Adebamiro

1st service
6th March, 2022
(Gen 26: 1-6; 12-13)
Let me begin by saying that the best land to live in is not just the one that you desire; rather, it is the one that God tells you to live in as of Isaac in the scripture read above.
Why should one go for The Blessing?
The Blessing produces results without pain. It is this blessing that maketh rich without adding pain nor sorrow to it. Proverbs 10:22 says The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. This means that since it is The Blessings of the Lord that added no sorrow, does that mean there are other kinds of blessings? The question therefore is, what is the difference between results produced by The Blessing and results produced by other sources?
The truth is that there are no other sources of results aside The Blessing. Therefore, that route you want to follow, ask yourself if  you are ready for the outcome That is why the Bible is clear that it is only The Blessing of God that adds no sorrow. This means any other blessing aside The Blessing is too costly. The Blessing may be slow, but it will be sure; it may be slow, but it will be peaceful.
One of the mistakes often made is to assume that The Blessing is the material manifestation like a car, mansion and money in one’s account. In actual fact, The Blessing is what God puts on you to produce those things. So, strip a blessed man of a house, money, car, he is not perturbed because what is on him would produce another one. That is why when the Philistines struggled with Isaac over the well, Isaac was not bothered; he kept digging replacement wells and kept finding water. The blessed man does not strive over anything because they know they have an infinite means to reproduce it.
It is in the nature of The Blessing to make us prosper in any profession and at any location. Therefore, it is not limited to certain locations or professions. This is because, location does not make men, men make locations. I was thinking over the story of David, how a stone that he fired was enough to put Goliath down. No doubt David must have been skillful to have chosen a sling as his weapon of choice, but it was the only opening in Goliath’s armour that the stone penetrated. This is beyond skill. That stone was a supernaturally-guided one. This shows that skill has its place, The Blessing too has its place. Ask the Lord for His Blessing on you today.