I want you to speak because your life changes at the frequency of your sound. Wordless people are result-less people. Those who don’t speak don’t see and the more you speak, the more you see.
If your life is void of words, your life would be void of results. This game is won on the frequency of words and not on the frequency of might.
 A man who had might showed up on the battlefield in the Bible with all his weapons. I would have thought he would have started fighting, but the man started with words. Every man of God I know, the key has been that they are talkers. They behave like God who talks before he works. And when God does speak, He says what He wants to see, not what He sees. Those who speak will always go ahead.
In Hebrews 13:8 the Bible says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever (KJV).  The Amplified version says Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is [always] the same, yesterday, today, [yes] and forever (to the ages). When the disciples were with Jesus, they saw Jesus perform extraordinary wonders. In Mark 1:23-28, Mark 9: 14-29, they saw Jesus demonstrate his authority and power over unclean spirits, over demonic spirits, over principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, when He was alive. They saw demons begging Jesus, pleading that they be sent into the swine. They saw Jesus demonstrate authority over illnesses at different instances. In Mark 2, we saw Him display His supremacy over medical reports and conclusion by reversing paralysis. He came to the man and said, “You are made whole”, and paralysis left him. In Mark 4:35, He puts on display of His power over nature by calming the storm and in Chapter 6:45, He walked on water, establishing His supremacy over nature. He spoke to the wind and the wind heard Him, He spoke to the sea and the sea obeyed Him, little wonder the disciples said, “What manner of man is this one.” In Mark 5, He demonstrated His power over affliction by demonstrating His power over years of affliction by stopping an incurable flow of blood that had existed for twelve years. In Mark 6:30, Jesus again demonstrated His power to provide by meeting the needs of five thousand people with few loaves of bread just to prove He is the bread of life. Little can become so much if Jesus can touch it.
So, the disciples of Jesus, having seen all these miracles, began to approach the season of the departure of Jesus. They started hearing Him make statements like, ‘Its needful that I go away’, ‘I have to go’. They were so worried that in John 14, Jesus had to  comfort them. At the end Jesus said, “As I go to the father, I will send you another comforter.” Jesus said, this one I will send will talk about me because I sent Him. He said this one will be with you forever. He will teach you, He will guide you.
So, let me ask a question, is He here now? If there’s someone ill right now, how do we get the person healed? We lay hands in the name of Jesus. When we do that, the Spirit of Jesus makes Jesus available again. This is why Jesus can still be the same today as He was yesterday. In actual fact, Jesus is more today than He was yesterday through the Spirit of Jesus. Because in His days, Jesus can only be in one place at a time but through the Spirit of Jesus, He can be at different places at the same time. The Holy Spirit makes Jesus available anywhere He’s needed. He’s also called the Spirit of Quickening Romans 8:11. This is the reason when the Spirit comes into a gathering, He manifests Himself in different ways to each person.