Minister: Rev’d Sam Oye

Text: Joshua 1:8 (KJV)


Take note, as mentioned in the text, it is what you do with what you know that guarantees your success and prosperity in life. Knowing is not enough, doing is what matters. So many know, so few do. It is those who do something with what they know that thrive in life. Over the next few weeks, I am committed to helping you chart a path towards the next level for your success because success is in phases. And what brought you here may not take you there. And the reason why so many are stagnated at a particular level of success is because we are still doing what brought you here forgetting that what brought you here may not take you there.

There are laws that governs success. You may succeed by chance but you cant be successful person by chance. Being successful is a function of laws and principles. The Bible is a book that reveals to you, the person of God, the principles of God and the power of God. Christians like so much of the power of God and the presence of God and the reality is that if you want to enjoy 0ore of His power and presence, it is important to know His person. If you want to be successful on earth, it is critical that you understand the principles and laws that guarantees success. There are laws you must know and practice in order to be consistently successful. Success is a repeatable feat. Meaning, if I succeeded here by the application of universal principles, take me anywhere by the application of same principles, I will succeed. The adaptation of that principle to whatever location I meet myself will determine success.

One of the fundamental law of success is the law of relationship. There are so many laws we can examine but the first in my heart is the law of relationships. Even those that have the relationship, don’t know how to maximize the relationship. You can succeed in life if you understand the dynamic of relationships. Your success is limited because your focus is too small. You think too much about yourself that is why you haven’t been able to succeed as you should. Have you noticed the businesses that guarantees making people successful makes more money? One powerful secret about success is to help as many as you can to succeed.

God told me something a few years ago, He said son, your assignment is to make others succeed. The things I share with you, the training I give is to help you succeed. So, this month, apart form praying for you, I want to show you how to increase your success rating. I want to show you how to scale up your success. For those who want to begin to succeed, I want to show you how. For those who are succeeding and wants to keep succeeding, I want to show you how. Hopefully by the second service, I will be able to show you how to tap into the principles of success. I will be sharing very deep things on relation and how it helps to guarantee success. People who helps sometimes do not look like those who can help you. There are people you will overlook but they know who you don’t know. The rich are rich because they have reach, not because they have money. The more reach you have into men and your knowledge of navigating the path of social intelligence, the path of relationship. The richest are not the smartest, they know how to navigate the path of relationship.