Ministering: Rev Sam Oye
Topic: Secrets of Attracting and Maximising Divine Connections (CONTD)
Text: 1 Chronicles 12: 22

The greatest gift on earth is not the gift of money; it is the gift of men from God.
It is a marvellous gift because when God blesses you with it, everywhere you go, men will simply want to help you without you asking for it.
You must understand that whatever you do not have, another man has it. For us to acquire what we desire, it is God that blesses us with men that provide us with what we want but do not have.
Everyone has varying drives, thought processes and desires but we cannot accomplish greatness without one another. What you have by yourself is limited, so we must appreciate the presence of abundant differences in humanity. The recipe for a limited life is when you rely solely on what you know and possess.
There are places in the world where your riches will not work in your favour; there are places only the word or signature of a single person decides your fate – it either ends in your upliftment or your downfall. It is important to know that when you are dealing with acquiring a higher position than your current one, there is someone out there with the pen that can make that aspiration a reality in your life.

Note this: When men become gifts to you from God, rising becomes easy for you.

Every man’s battle is the result of absence of the gift of a warrior; therefore you need warriors in your life. There are men who take up the battles of your life. The battles that could take you years to fight and overcome, there are people in existence that can overcome them for you within minutes.
In the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17: 16), we are told that the battle of Israel and the Philistines had been ongoing for forty (40) days before David was sent to the battlefield. From verse 22 onward, when David got to the battlefield and heard about Goliath, it only took moments before he killed him.
It was the absence of a competent warrior that caused the Israelites to be dismayed by Goliath. When the Israelites were afraid, David asked, “What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace from Israel? Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”
Take note that when David got to the battlefield, his brothers were initially trying to discourage him. You must ensure that the people you are trying to help do not discourage you. There are moments in life when the first set of people that will attack you are the ones you were sent to help.

In the case of Jesus, it was the people He came to save that rejected and crucified Him. However, this did not discourage Him from achieving the purpose He was sent to achieve by God. It is possible that the church you were sent to rescue would be the first to reject you.
It only took David moments of getting to the battlefield before he killed Goliath. The reason you may have been struggling with a constant problem for years could be due to the absence of a ‘Davidic’ figure (warrior) in your life. Additionally, no one brought David to the battlefield; he was injected into the battlefield by God as God raised him in the wilderness, anointed him and sent him out to battle for the Israelites. This is the evidence of God’s gift of men.
Never rely solely on your gifts to accomplish things in life. It is the reality that many gifted ones end up abandoned. It is the ones mentioned in the place of importance that are honoured. The goal is to believe that with God elevating us, as Christians, in life, we advance His kingdom.
It does not matter who you are; if your heart is after God’s kingdom, He will bless and use you to accomplish great things. If God lifts you up to a high position, the belief should be that you will lift others. It is possible that God can delay certain blessings we pray for when He is unable to see the connection between what you are seeking for and His Kingdom’s plans. Aligning your desires with His purpose for you is a sure way of drawing down the help of God.