How Rev. Sam Oye's Daily Prophetic Prayer Hour brought me out of depression Neon Adejo

Ministering: Rev. Sam Oye
Topic: How Rev. Sam Oye’s Daily Prophetic Prayer Hour brought me out of depression – Neon Adejo

Neon Adejo, the trending Eze Ebube crooner, shared his mind-blowing testimony while Ministering in song as a Guest Artist on Sunday, July 23, 2023, at The Transforming Church International Auditorium, end of 7th Avenue, Anwalu Anwar Close, after Lube Gas Station, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja.

Neon Adejo was born on October 24 in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. He is the first of six children in a Muslim family. He grew up as a Muslim but later converted to Christianity. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Relations from Kogi State University, Ayingba, Nigeria. He started singing at the age of 13 but officially started his music career in 2014. He released his first album, titled Tell The World, in 2020, comprising 10 tracks. A year later, in March 2021, Adejo released his second album and first EP titled Songs of Gratitude, comprising five tracks, Eze Ebube and Breathe Upon Me inclusive. Eze Ebube has become a household anthem.

“I was sharing with Rev. Sam Oye this morning how the Prophetic Prayer Hour was and how it’s still a blessing to my life. I think it was during the lockdown that I slipped into depression; life was just different. But every morning, the Holy Spirit will wake me up to Join the prayers. It got to the point that I was waking up before the prayer started; I was waiting for the prayer every day. Around that time, I also completed the song that God is using to bless the nation. My spirit man was alive again, so let’s celebrate our man of God. You don’t know what you have here; you can always take it for granted, but we outside don’t take it for granted. Please celebrate Rev. Sam. I am a product of God’s grace; nothing now is by my effort. All the songs I have done years ago, I mean two to three years ago, are just trending in 2023, I have nothing to do with it, it’s purely the grace of God.” He said

Reacting to his testimony, Rev. Sam Oye, in his characteristic manner of episcopal discipline, ascribed the glory to God, saying that to him, he is just a vessel. Admonishing the worshippers, he said he thought Neon’s trending songs were just released, but surfing the net, he was shocked they were released years ago. What a work of grace, he said.

“Incidentally, I went on YouTube, and I saw the songs were not just released, but God just breathed on them. Keep doing your work; one day, God is going to breathe on it. Keep the songs alive. Keep on doing it; stay faithful. The stones of David, which he kept carrying about in his pouch, were useless just there; only God knows how long he has been carrying them about. But one day, the first time he uses it, it will be for the most significant use. Not all of them, just one of them, and an entire nation came to celebrate it. My God will honour you. Singers keep on singing; Writers keep on writing, preachers keep on preaching, don’t stop, God will breathe on one,” he said.

The service was hijacked by the move of the Holy Spirit, and all Rev. Sam could do was allow the Holy Spirit to have his way. Summarizing his teachings on the “Secret of Attracting and Maximizing Divine Connections,” he illustrated Joseph’s life: “There was a problem in the palace; the king had a vision, but there was no interpreter. The king brought in all the experts, but nobody could interpret the dream and the vision in his head, and in that same palace, a man said, I remember one boy in the prison who interpreted my dream. And whilst in the prison, thinking he was forgotten, all of a sudden, Joseph heard the bells of the prison, and he opened up his eyes to take a look at the jail man. He said to him, Come; the king needs you. Joseph replied in fear. Sir, I don’t know the king, he said, but the king just got to know about you. I’m not telling a story; I’m telling someone what will happen to you. Then he said, I can’t appear like this; let me change my looks. And when the king saw him, he asked, what can you do for me? He said, what do you have as a problem? and he said, I have a dream, but nobody can interpret it. He said, Sir, would you let me talk to the ONE who interprets dreams, and I’ll come back to you? And right there, he brought the interpretation to the man and gave him counsel and wisdom.
And Pharaoh looked at him and said, Young man, today marks the end of the season you have been going through. Listen, I am the king; anyone God loves and puts in my heart, I can change their lives. The king said to him, by my veto power, whatever the case against you was, I use the prerogative of mercy and knock it off. And without asking for credentials, I create an office that was nonexistent up until now. And that marked the turning point.” He said

“It seems like you have been forgotten; I want to pray for you. Something is about to shift. Can a mother forget her suckling child? Even if they forget, I will not forget you, says the Lord. This is your season to be remembered, and it’s going to be big in the name of Jesus. I stand over you today, and I decree and declare that the season of being forgotten is over!”

“Life is made in moments. David sat on the throne, but all of a sudden, he couldn’t sleep; he was feeling restless, and he asked, is there anybody still left in the house of Saul? I just want to show the person kindness. David remembered. I decree and declare that God will begin to stir the hearts of kings for your sake. Kings don’t just help people; they secure the spirits that control their spirits. It’s not about being close. Today, I stir the hearts of your helpers towards you in Jesus’ name.”

“Every destiny gets amplified on strategic platforms.” Today, walk onto your platform in Jesus’ name.

“You will see favour; you will walk in your high places, you will be remembered, the Lord will favour you this new week and beyond.”

The worshippers were raptured into the scintillating presence of God in worship and prayers.