Minister: Rev. Sam Oye

Text: Ephesians 3:10 (AMP)


We are in the era of the multifaceted wisdom of God. We are in an era; we are in the times where only the wise shall be the ones that rise. Wisdom is in two dimensions; one is heavenly wisdom while the other is earthy wisdom. Heavenly wisdom will always be superior to earthly wisdom. In spite of this, earthly wisdom will always cause one to excel on Earth above those that do not possess wisdom because wisdom at any time is superior to education. This is the reason why the educated will always work for the wise, by no means does this downplay the importance of academics. Beyond the walls of the university and education, please pursue wisdom. Add wisdom to your education and intelligence.

People are not being employed anymore because of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). When you go for an interview, they are not just looking for education. If you can go beyond education to demonstrate a high IQ, it makes you stand out from those who are only educated. Beyond IQ, you have Attitude Quotient, social intelligence, positive intelligence, emotional intelligence, and adaptive intelligence. Some of this intelligence will stand you up and above those with IQ. The point is reliance on just your university degree might be the reason you have low-degree jobs or no jobs at all. The marketplace is looking for something higher. It is in the absence of a superior argument among those that go for an interview that the highest one or the best option will be considered.

This is why the race is not for the mighty. Please note, that you are good is not enough, you also need to be wise. Without justifying anything, process an outcome. You can increase your value on Earth if you pursue God’s most valuable commodity – wisdom. If God says wisdom is the principal thing, ensure you do not make it the secondary one. If God tells you what to pursue, do not ignore it. Those who ignore what God says you need to pursue; you will pay a great price for it. PURSUE AND SECURE WISDOM! When wisdom enters you, you will know that your life is not the same. The outcomes of your life will change.

Proverbs 4: 7 – 8 (TPT)

“Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it! Revelation-knowledge is what you need—so invest in it! Wisdom will exalt you when you exalt her truth.”

Exaltation is in wisdom. If you want to rise, embrace wisdom. Wisdom in the area of marriage and relationships will cause your relationship to be outstanding, and likewise in your finances. In the area you approach and accept wisdom, you find yourself outstanding there. Struggle and dishonor in any aspects in your life are indication of the absence of wisdom.

Every person who has pursued wisdom has always come out on top. The best way to escape the limitation of your family background is to pursue the wisdom of God. What is wisdom in simple terms? It is the supernatural ability to know what to do and how to do it always. Those who know what to do are paid more than those know do not know what to do; those who know what to do and how to do it are paid the most. The wisdom of God is beyond human comprehension. The pursuit of wisdom must become your strongest desire on Earth. Many of your problems can be fixed if wisdom is in place.


Principles That Guarantee That Someone Is Wise

  1. Beware of making haste – wise people do not make haste.

Proverbs 21: 5 (TPT)

“Brilliant ideas pay off and bring you prosperity, but making hasty, impatient decisions will only lead to financial loss.”

The world is ruled by ideas. If we are consumers of other men’s ideas, what will the world consume from you? How do you know you are not wise? Look at your life’s track record, they are filled with impatient choices.