Gilgal Day 5 The Economic System of the Kingdom Pt 2

The Economic System of the Kingdom:  The law of mental Transformation
By Apostle Joshua Selman
(Prov 23:7: Psalm 78:41).

Your destiny is a reflection of your understanding. (Gen 11:2-5)
Your mind thinks in pictures; therefore, whatever doesn’t have a pictorial representation in your mind cannot be captured.

Everything in life is built twice, first in the mind of the spirit and then in the physical. Anything you hold physically that was not built from the mind is like a rubber, it would return.

When God tells you nothing can restrain a man, that man would have searched with his intelligence.
(Eph 3:20) There are two prayer warriors in your life: your mouth and your mind.
Africa is a people of prayer but we have trained the prayer warrior that speaks and starve the prayer warrior that thinks. The lamb was slain twice from the foundation of the earth and in his lifetime.

The level of distraction is why your pocket continues to remain empty.
(Philippians 2:5) There is a belief system that allows the Holy Spirit into full operation in Jesus.

At age 12, He was building to allow the Holy Spirit to be comfortable in Him.

Transformation does not mean another information; it means superior information.
Our ideologies and paradigm would continue to programme failure or progress, depending on our mental state.
Your physical environment is a mirror of what is happening in your mind. Anything you get in the physical without first being transformed in the mind, the law of God would reject it.
Mindsets are not like doorways; they are actually doorways.
No matter your background, you can transit yourself. There are people who sustain understanding that can never bring destiny helpers to them.

We live in a society that have no regard for the sacrifices of people. The disposition of dishonor becomes repulsive for anything good. Until your mindset is ready, it becomes a waste for good things to happen to you.
Strongholds are demonic fortification around a thinking pattern that insists that the victim continues to think that way. It is a state that makes the word of God of non-effect.
Success is not a product of what you do alone; it happens as a reflection of who you are becoming. It is about who you are becoming than what you are doing.The possibilities that we command are a reflection of the realm that we are in mentally speaking.

The reason why things don’t happen to you inspite of prophetic declaration is that the declaration pushed you forward but your mental state and lack of transformation reverse you.
Your prosperity keeps visiting you everyday but it does not find you because the version of you it was authorised to bless is not available.
There is a realm where you think value and there is a realm where you don’t think value, rather you think experience. When it has to do with mental transition, overtaking is allowed.
Not everything observed is worth speaking about.
As you grow as a leader, you must be able to train your followers to acclamatise to that level you are growing.
Faith is not foolishness; you must maintain the flexibility that allows for growth.

There are 3 levels of wealth.

  1.  Transactional wealth: This is the wealth that comes by exchanging value in which you get rewards
    In the dealing of God, this is the least form of wealth.
  2. Transformational wealth. By this, you give value by freely pouring into people for years and decades.

The advantage of this realm is based on the fact that what is given to you is in benevolence of the perception of the impact you’ve created in a life.
The blessings that you show men today whether acknowledged or not has monetary value, the judgement of God will make you get profit in your lifetime. God has the ability to route blessings.

3.   Sovereign wealth. This is wealth by the finger of God, sometimes by prophecy. Every time people have tragedies in the scriptures, it is the prophetic that brings them out. The prophetic provides the climate of favour overnight. No matter what level you are, there is still a higher dimension.

The anointing flows from our scars; your scar is the opening that allows the oil to flow.
Sometimes, God lets you go through the things you will be saving people from, that is the only way to raise compassion in your heart.
Compassion flies in the wings of pain. Death has worked in us so that life can work in others.

Three grace to cover

  1. The Esther anointing
    (Esther 2:15): The Esther anointing works with the power of sight
  2. The grace for speed:
    When what you have is enough for you, you are not free.
  3.  The grace that compels the irrefutable ministry of destiny helpers.

Men are changed by the grace that rests upon their life.
Every man’s destiny is at the mercy of a destiny helper; no man can help himself in this kingdom. Destiny helpers do not come on their own; the come because they are called prophetically.

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