Wonders Without Number Through Divine Instruction (1st service) By Rev Sam Oye

Exodus 14: 15-28
 I want to confidently announce to you that your next breakthrough is an instruction away. What it means is that the next miracle you are believing God for is connected to an instruction that God is about to give you. Everytime we pray for miracles, God gives instructions; everytime God’s people want to receive a miracle, God always loves to give instruction. It is the rule but there are exceptions. Anytime God gives miracles without instruction, that is an exception, not the rule. You don’t qualify for a new instruction when you have not obeyed the last instruction. God told Jonah to proceed to Nineveh; instead, Jonah went to Tarshish. The fish vomited him at Tarshish. What God is saying is that for you and I to resume any conversation, it must be on the premise of previous instruction. The breakthrough you have been waiting for is waiting for you to go back to the last instruction that God gave to you. You have to know that you are unqualified for what God is saying if you have not obeyed what He previously.
I want to speak to you about how divine instructions trigger wonders in the life of people. Check the root of the successes of some Christians today, you can tie it to an instruction. Note that divine instruction is the golden key that opens you up to the world of wonders, signs, miracles and unusual breakthroughs. If instruction is the golden key, don’t forget that keys don’t operate themselves. Obedience is what turns the key into a useful tool. So, even when what God says is fantastic, what you will do is what really matters. One of the things I have found out is that man’s disobedience is usually as result of the fact that what God always says to man doesn’t always makes sense. We want wine, he said get water, it doesn’t always make sense.
If you really want to see wonders, you better suspend your senses in the hand of God. Nothing interferes with miracles like logical thinking because miracles suspend the rules of logic. And the reason God’s instruction doesn’t usually make sense is because His ways are not our ways; His thoughts are not our thoughts. You are used to the acts of God not the ways of God which speaks to your maturity.
There’s no need for struggles if you follow the ways of the Lord as His commandments are not grievous. So, why do we find it difficult to work with God’s instructions even when His instructions are for our good? Because it doesn’t make logical sense. This is why the Bible says, “The just shall live by faith.” Sometimes the reason we don’t follow God’s instructions is because it looks too weak to produce the kind of result we want. 1 Cor 2: 14 says, “The foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.” Trust me, you have every right to feel the way you are feeling because its tangible to plan and know tomorrow.
The problem with working by faith is that you cannot measure its outcomes. It throws one off balance. There is no such thing like, ‘if I do what God is saying, by next month, I will have two thousand, next month I’ll have four thousand’. In fact, when you are thinking you will have something, it is when everything will go bad and going bad is part of the process. His plans for you are always better than your plans for yourself.
I wish I can beg you to embrace the father’s plans. Let me tell you that it won’t  be easy at first because the father will check your motive. God likes to kill motives and intentions. So, what if the breakthrough does not come as quickly as you want it, will you give up His plans? In the season of waiting for God’s plans, take heed of premature exposure so that owing to pressure and difficulties you face, you do not end up derailing God’s plans for yourself. There are places you don’t go; there are invitations you do not honour. When God is raising you up, there are times you need to be covered. The Bible says, “When they saw he was a goodly child, they covered him. But when they could no longer cover him…Exodus 2:2 (American Standard Version-ASV). This is just as God allowed a long time to elapse between the time Joseph left home to the time he saw his brothers. He was merely a prosperous houseboy when he got to Egypt. He even became the manager of the prison during his imprisonment, it would have been dangerous to be revealed as a prosperous houseboy or even as prison manager. That means there is a time for the unveiling of a person after God is done taking him through His plan. Learn not to stop over-exposing yourself before your time of your unveiling. At the birth of Jesus, there was need to run and hide the son of God from a mortal king seeking His destruction. They even had to run in the dead of the night. Do not announce your arrival before concluding your departure. Your life can change overnight if you will listen to what God has to say to you. When God asks to go forward, don’t mind what is ahead of you.
When God gives an instruction, your own assignment is obedience. You are this close to a breakthrough if only you will obey. When God instructed Moses to stretch his rod at the red sea, he could waste time debating the logic, but he would have denied the Israelites the miracle his obedience caused to happen. He stretched his rod all night because so long as obedience is sustained, victory will never fail. God’s instructions to Moses started with “go forward”; the second was “raise your rods” and the third was, “keep your rod up” which caused the sea to close in on the Egyptians and destroyed them after the children of Israel had passed through the waters. Because Moses obeyed instructions given to him, he saved his entire nation. Do you know your own obedience can silence the adversary of your family for a lifetime? By Jesus’ obedience, we are saved; through Adam’s disobedience, we were all condemned. My question to you today is that who will be the obedient one in your father’s house?