Wonders of Praise (Pt 1)

Wonders of Praise

By Pst Sunday Adebamiro

Joshua 6: 20

Great shout provokes great blessings and great wonders. In the text above, the Bible recorded that there was a great shout.

In itself, a shout is already loud. To qualify as a great shout, one can only imagine what it sounded like.

In Exodus 15:11 the Scripture says, ‘Who is like unto thee O Lord; among the gods who is like thee glorious in holiness fearful in praises doing wonders?

When you give God fearful praises, He does fearful wonders. God, therefore, becomes fearful in His acts when you offer fearful praises. This means that there is a connection between praise and wonder. As you engage the powers of praise this season, you will see the wonders of God.

The question we need to consider this morning is what kind of wonder does God do when praises are offered?

The Wonder of Access. When we praise God with intensity, it gives us access. Access to positions, cities, nations, opportunities, etc. because nothing removes walls like praises.  Praise gives access because it first removes barriers. So, when you face obstacles, opposition, or difficulty, you just attack it with praises and watch God blast through the barriers for you.

Joshua 6:1 says, Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none came in.

The city of Jericho was not only on lockdown, it was a fortified city. The dimensions and strength of the wall are unparalleled. Bible historians have tried to capture the width and breadth of this wall. Although it was a wall, it was so thick chariots could ride on it like a road, side by side. Yet, with the power of praise, this formidable wall fell down flat. The Bible mentioned how the walls of this city were closed against the children of Israel. It means that there are certain areas, positions, rankings, or sectors that certain individuals are precluded from. It is only praise that can grant access in defiance of this restriction.