The Triggers Of Supernatural Power Of God (The Spirit Of God) Part 1

By Rev Sam Oye
Judges 15: 9-15
Matthew 28:4-6 (KJV)
There are many looking for you where they left you, I need you to know that this is the resurrection Sunday. The spirit that raised Jesus from the grave is the same spirit that gives us an understanding of what to celebrate about Easter.
16 people are dealing with serious issues of debt. Someone is going to call you and say, ‘Forget about it’.
God is about to give you a mind-blowing income. The Lord said it would be one major income that He will use to test you. When that money comes, pay off all your debts. No staggered payment. And the Lord said when you do that, He will open doors to give you rest. From this moment, doors are opening for you.
I see the foundation of a building, I see someone else at the lintel level, I see another one, and the house is covered but there are no funds to finish it. That building will resume and it will be finished in record time. Until that building is finished, once every Sunday, or once every month, meet with Pastor Sunday/Daddy Johnson, take them to the site if you can, and ask them to declare that you will finish your building in record time.
You have been trying to rise, be in ministry or even in your career. You will start to rise, you will run and by the resurrection power, you will recover all.
There is a woman here and you have been dealing with strong contention. The Lord said I should tell you that visible and invisible contenders are now in disarray.
You have been praying for a destiny helper, the Lord said it will happen with ease as I see someone holding your hand and pulling you up.
Take 7 steps forward, the Lord said it is the perfection of your progress.
The Lord said you have been trying to advance yourself, and as you take those 7 steps, it is the perfection of your progress.
The Lord said what you have been waiting for will enter your hands.
You are here, and you have great vision, but you lack support. From today, you start to receive support. Strangers shall give you support. You have entered your season of support.