Revive me again (part 1) By Rev Sam Oye

March 13, 2022
(1st Service)
(Psalms 85:6)
We can actually be revived. Praying for corporate revival without personal revival can actually fight against corporate revival. Something great happens when a church is filled with individuals who are personally involved with God. When you study about the lives of God’s Generals like Smith Wigglesworth and the exploit and wonders done in the name of God, you will be convinced like I am that there are people that know this God.
I want to swell up a hunger in your heart for this God. Wigglesworth prophesied about a revival coming ahead, a healing revival, teaching revival and faith revival and how it would take place in waves and phases, and we all saw that come to pass. We have seen miracles, but we are about to see miracles like we have never seen. I want to invite you into a level of intimacy with God that would make you to become a significant point of place and hope for this generation.
During the Indonesian revival, under Mel Tari, young people would go to neighbourhoods in villages asking for sick people to be brought forward.  They would challenge the villagers to give their lives to Christ if they could heal the afflicted amidst them. The burden in my heart is that having seen the prophesies of Smith Wigglesworth come to pass and the initial three waves of revival, would I be a part of the fourth wave of revival? Honestly, we are into the beginning of the fourth wave. And how do you know? There is a stirring in the heart of people for more than church. Don’t be a spectator in the move of God. Is there anybody in the house of God who is seeking for Jesus, is there anybody in the house of God, who is crying for the presence of God? That person is set for a revival.