Power in the name of Jesus (Part 2) By Rev Sam Oye

2nd Service
March 20, 2022
Acts 3: 1-9 (TPT)
The Bible tells us a very interesting story about Peter and John here. The Bible says they went into the temple at about 3pm. Because of the peculiarity of this time, I want to quickly help some of you who perhaps don’t understand the gateways to prayer or what is also called the hours of prayer.
There is a reason why some people prevail in the place of prayer and some other people struggle.
The Bible admonishes us to pray without ceasing, which means we can and should pray at any time. So, why is it that those that told us this were reported to go to the temple at the hour of prayer? Are there things of interest in these hours of prayers? We call them the watches of the day and Bible refers to some people as watchers.
In fact, the Bible says certain things happen by the decree of the watchers Daniel 4:17. There is a reason why captivity was rolled and rounded up at midnight. Those who understand these spiritual mysteries have a control of life’s events. Let briefly delve into this
6pm-9pm: The first watch of the night (the period for the manifestation of the power of God particularly at the crown hours of 6pm or 9pm even if its for 5 minutes)
9pm-12am: The second watch of the night (the children of Israel left Egypt at around this time. It means generational captivity is best broken around this time. It is also time to command supernatural provisions, the time to command unusual favour.
12am-3am: The third watch of the night is the time to pray and overrule and overturn satanic decree, satanic agendas, curses and spells. That is the time to break chains and destroy the activities of the wicked.
Our mothers understand these hours of the night. There are miracles you see in the day because you secured them in the night. Don’t wake or walk into a day that has been programmed on your behalf.
3am-6am: The watch of the night. (This is the time to secure authority and dominion for the day).
6am-9am: The first watch of the day. (This is a time to pray for the outpouring of the Spirit of God on your life, to pray for fresh anointing).
9am-12noon: The second watch of the day. (This is when you pray for the manifestation of Gods power through you into the life of others).
12noon-3pm: The third watch of the day. (Are you aware that this time is when the portals of heaven are more open to the downloads of revelation?).
3pm-6pm: The fourth watch of the day. (This is a great time for intercessory prayers)
I have seen the name of Jesus do amazing things. Faith in the name is the change in your attitude. Note you can even be a Christian and not have faith in the name of Jesus you call because of your environment. The reason people are having faith and seeing miracles both here and on Prophetic Prayer Hour (PPH) is because people have seen miracles. Bestow your belief, drop your confidence on that name because it carries weight. Without any doubt, this name works.
Philippians 2: 10 (TPT) The authority of the name of Jesus causes every knee to bow in reverence! Everything and everyone will one day submit to this name—in the heavenly realm, in the earthly realm, and in the demonic realm.
If mortals can respond to the calling of their names, imagine what God will do in response to the calling of His name? From Genesis to Revelation, His name is there. Ezra and Nehemiah shows us that He is the restorer and the healer of our lives. In the book of Esther, we understand He is our deliverer; in Job, He is the restorer on the double; in Psalms our shepherd, protector and provider; in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, He is our wisdom and our strong tower. In Isaiah, Songs of Solomon, the faithful lover, counsellor, wonderful, mighty God, everlasting father and Prince of Peace. Jesus is everything to everyone, He can be anything to anyone. In Ezekiel, He is the four winds that comes to revive and repositions us; in Daniel, He is the son of God with us in the fiery furnace of our lives. In Hosea, he is our faithful lover and the one that seeks is from the miry clay and sets us upon the rock. In Amos, He delivers from oppression and the oppressors. He goes on and on in Matthew, Mark, all through the Bible. Why not put your faith and confidence in His name all over again?