Mega shift through knowledge Pt 4

By REV Sam Oye.

Topic: God is able.

I want you to know that nothing attracts the power of God into your life like having faith in His ability. Also, the kind of education you have can either build or destroy your faith.
Therefore, nothing stands in the way of the power of God from the life’s of men like the minds of men.
So, get your mind especially negative thought out of the way. This is so because nothing hinders the move and power of God like negative reasoning.

The things of the supernatural are beyond the natural, so when God says “Come Walk on water”, stop looking for a bridge.

You must know that the word that called you is the word that will sustain you.
What therefore can kill you is how much of your mind you allow to rule your life.
Entering a church should not be your greatest desire, your greatest desire should be entering the WORD.

FELLOWSHIP is commanded for all but PARTNERSHIP is a choice you must make.

If you value your destiny, scrutinise your inner circle.
Don’t be too loyal to friends at the expenses of your destiny because the environment has a way of slipping faith out of you.
It is therefore wisdom for you to know what God can do; it is understanding for you to know that there is nothing God cannot do.

The reason God can do ANYTHING is because He possesses in Himself what it takes to do ANYTHING on earth.

So, man’s impossibility is God possibilities.
God is able to exceed your expectations and give you much more that you have even lost track of.
You must know that God doesn’t answer at the level of your request.
(2nd Chron 25:9, Eph 3:20).