Escape from Unrepentant Pursuers 1 By Pst Sunday Adebamiro

May 15, 2022
 (1st Service)
Escape from Unrepentant Pursuers 1
By Pst Sunday Adebamiro
Exodus 14: 5-16
If you don’t know the enemy you are battling with, your chances of winning is almost non-existent. This is why we would start by unveiling unrepentant pursuers.
These are enemies who have kept their victims in bondage, oppression, pain etc for a long time. The duration of the oppression plays a significant role in classifying a tormentor/afflicter/accuser as an unrepentant pursuer. Sometimes, these enemies torment generations. The sad effect of this long-standing oppression is that after a while, it becomes normal. Not only would people around you adjust and normalise the oppression, even the victim may likely accept the abnormality as the new normal.
Unrepentant Pursuers are usually unwilling to release their victims. They do not work with definite duration of the oppression or bondage in mind. As long as they have the power, resources, influence, position or authority to continue in the oppression, they do not look back. You are the one to force your freedom.
Unrepentant pursuers expects you to be oppressed and not complain; they are enraged by any attempt of the victim to escape. It takes the grace of God to cause them to voluntarily release their victims as they never allow anything to challenge their oppression.
They can be encountered in different spheres of influence, sometimes, they are the husbands and wives in our homes. They usually target weaker or vulnerable victims or people who would likely not stand up to them. One of their strategies is that they always attack in numbers. In this text, Pharaoh went after the Israelites with 600 chariots, fully armed soldiers against Israelites who at best are civilians.
To some of you, the enemy is that health condition that has stayed with you over the years, to some, it is that achievement you have been struggling to overcome. You have to turn to God today, invite Him into this situation, let Him fight your battle for you.