Commanding Wonders Without Number Through The Word: Deliverance from wicked altars By Rev Sam Oye

Topic: Commanding Wonders Without Number Through The Word: Deliverance from wicked altars
Text:  2nd Cor 1:10
 Let me begin by asking why in some families, the men struggle till death and don’t see their dreams come true.
Also, why is it that in certain families, they rise and just when they hit 50 to 55 years, they go down until they disappear from the radar? Again, why is it that it is so peculiar with some families that the daughters though beautiful and educated do not get married? Why is it that certain families, even when the girls get married, struggle through life? Why is it that in certain families you find sickness running through the bloodline?  What therefore is deliverance?
 Deliverance is the supernatural release,  supernatural rescue and supernatural freedom from any kind of captivity or bondage.
Whether it is mental captivity, physical, financial, spiritual, whatever bondage it is, the act of setting you free from that act is called deliverance.
Let me quickly remind you that there is something known as deliverance from your past.
So, we have a God who delivers us from the past. One of the things God delivers us from has to do with altars. What is an altar? An altar is any platform of engagement between man and the spirit realm. It could be man and the devil or man and God. There are some altars that look like a church, but these are altars of the devil. They use Jesus’ name, they use Bible, but they are not of God.
The problem is that there are people who have stepped on wrong altars, but they did not know. In the life of Abraham, he raised four different altars. In Genesis 12:1-7, he raised the altar of praise in response to the blessings God conferred on him. In Gen 12:8-13, he raised altar of prayer. In Gen 13:14-18, he raised the altar of peace. In Gen 22:9-14 he raised the altar of provision.
David, in 1st King 18:30 raised an altar onto God and the tragedy in his family stopped. Elijah repaired an altar and fire fell. Even as men raised altars to God, there is a man in Numbers 23, 24, & 25. The Bible made us understand that he raised a wicked altar. His name is Balaam on the instruction of a man called Balak.
 Numbers 23: 1-2 says, “And Balaam said to Balak, “Build me here, seven altars and prepare for me here, seven oxen and seven rams. And Balak did as Balaam had spoken, and Balaam offered on every altar, a bullock and a ram. This means on every altar, two animals. On the seven altars, fourteen animals. So, let’s get this right, seven altars in one location and on each of the altar, two animals. In one location, total number of animals were fourteen.
(Verse 14) “And he brought him into the field of Zophim, to the top of Pisgah, and seven altars, and offered a bullock and a ram on every altar. Again fourteen animals. So first and second location were fourteen animals respectively.
  “Balak said unto Balaam, come, I pray thee, I will bring thee unto another place peradventure, it will please God that thou mayest curse me them from thence. And Balaam brought Balak unto the top of Peor that looketh toward Jeshimon  and Balaam said unto Balak, build me here seven altars, and prepare me here seven bullocks and seven rams. Balak did as Balaam as said and offered a bullock and a ram on every altar.
On this altar again, how many were offered? Fourteen!
How many times do we have fourteen? Three!
Matt 1:17 “So, all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generation (first generational cycle); and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations (second generational cycle) and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generation (third generational circle).
How many sets of fourteen do we have here? Three!
How many sets of fourteen do we have in the time of Balaam? Three!
Each fourteen in each location was actually raised to erase each one of the generations. Is it by accident that we are dealing with fourteen? So, you find out from Abraham until David that there is always this struggle. People that are supposed to rise to become kings don’t. From David until they were carried into Babylon, kings will rise and fall. And from Babylon until Jesus, they went into total darkness until Jesus showed up. And He came this time around to raise an altar that will address all the other altars.
Let me open your eyes to see something. If you notice that you have been going through prolonged seasons of financial hardship and unprofitable hard work without profit, can we look back at altars?
If you notice in your life that there are strange and mysterious misfortunes, can we look back at altars? When there are confusion and inability to make quality decisions in life, maybe we look at altars?
Unexplainable crisis, pain and distress in your marriage, repeated failure at the edge of success collective limitation and captivity amongst your siblings, everybody is suffering the same thing, unexplainable loss of opportunities and strange disfavour, nobody wants to help you, except you give your body,  even when you give your body, how much help do you get? I am talking about inability to grow spiritually and advance spiritually. The more you want to pray, something stops you. The more you want to fast, something stops you. The more you want to go into the realms of the spirit, something is pulling you back and down, untreatable sicknessed, strange infirmities, sudden and premature death, etc.
 In all of these, I want you to however know now that there is an altar in Christ. There is an altar raised in Christ that can put an end to the work of strange altars. Whether its your parents that trafficked on strange altars, whether it is you that made the mistake, whether it is you that trafficked, I don’t need to start telling you before you know. Find your way to Christ now.