Breaking Negative Patterns in Relationship and Marriages (Pt 2)

Minister: Rev’d Sam Oye

Text: Exodus 25:8 (NLT)

Hebrews 8:5

Topic: Breaking Negative Patterns In Relationship And Marriages

In this text, Moses was about to build a tabernacle, but God interrupted the process to prescribe a particular pattern to be employed in building the tabernacle according to specification. Without this, Moses would have built the tabernacle based on a pattern he had seen, perhaps the ones he is accustomed to during his time in Egypt. What he has seen would be the pattern he would replicate. Because patterns controls outcomes. The patterns you are exposed to always determines the outcome of your life. The reason I am saying this is that you have to be very intentional about what you allow yourself to keep looking at. What you feed yourself creates a pattern that guides your output.

So, ask yourself, is it possible for you to build something totally different from what was done in the past? Are you a disruption or a continuation? Are you birthing difference or similarities?

What is a Pattern?

A pattern is a repeatable or predictable way of acting or behaving and reacting. It includes acting, talking, thinking, behaving and reacting.  

As leaders, parents, we are obligated to be careful of our we conduct ourselves because our actions, responses and thinking patterns which is consistent paints a pattern before those who are following. Because the subconscious controls the conscious, what you see long enough will eventually control you in moments when you are dealing with involuntary reactions or in moments that requires involuntary reactions. Help me turn to your neighbour and say, break the pattern!


  1. Self-Centeredness: This describes a situation where either partner is self absorbed. It is a narcissistic trait that prioritizes ones comfort and happiness above their family or children