By Rev Sam Oye
Mark 5: 25-28
You will always attract what your faith expects. The world of the supernatural is the world of expectations; that is why manifestations are governed by expectations.
What people expect is usually what people attract. If there is anything the adversary fights,  it is against the realization of your expectations. You can’t be frustrated when you do not have expectations.
This means people who do not have expectations do not have frustrations because what births frustrations is delayed or unrealized expectations. This suggests that the battles or warfare in your life are a battle against expectations and war against expectations.
The contest is always against your expectations. This is why mastering the use of expectation is what will guarantee your progression in life. and
What the enemy then does is that it frustrates your expectations to such an extent that you either have no more expectations or you lower your expectations to manageable levels.
One of the things you really need to master is your expectations. The word ‘expectation’ is an active form or rendition of the word ‘hope’. Thus, when the Bible is saying ‘hope deferred makes the heart sick’ (Proverbs 13:12 KJV),  it means that when your expectations go unrealized, frustration is usually generated.
We must first understand that having faith is not an end. The question is what do you use faith to do? Matthew 9:29 TPT-Then Jesus put his hands over their eyes and said, “You will have what your faith expects”!
This means faith is how we generate expectations; it is not an end. Another way to say this is, what are you using your faith to expect? Faith is a lifestyle and we don’t have faith just for things; we have faith because it is the way by which we live; faith is given to us by God as a means of transaction. Everything we need is available, but it is accessible when we present the currency of faith.
Faith is therefore the legal tender between earth and heaven. Hebrews 11:6 – But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
He that must come to God must believe. Faith is how we transact with heaven. So, if God has given us everything, why is it not finding expressions in our life? Faith is the means by which we convert spiritual intangibles to physical tangibles. This tells us that not using our faith to pursue clear expectation is the reason there is no manifestation of that which is already ours.
What therefore are you using your faith to attract? From the text we read earlier, the Bible is clear that you will receive what you expect. Expectations makes you to receive. Acts 3:5 (NKJV) – So he gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them.
Does it therefore means that you have not risen because you have not exercised the power of expectation and sustained it? The moment you activate you expectation, you have also activated warfare. The only thing that overcomes this warfare is sustained expectation. Sustain therefore your expectation and not lower it. Proverbs 23:18 (AMP) – Surely there is a future [and a reward], and your hope and expectation will not be cut off.
The is something called the Law of Expectation which states that expectation creates the foundation for the manifestation of your desire.
What is expectation? Expectation is the confident anticipation of a favorable end. Nothing turns your desires into reality like expectations. Take note that if you give up on your expectation, you will maintain your current location.