This Wind Must Cease – Rev. Sam Oye

This Wind Must Cease – Rev. Sam Oye

Ministering: Reverend Sam Oye

Theme: Mothers/ Women’s Day

Topic: This Wind Must Cease

Text: Ephesians 5: 25

This scripture depicts Jesus’s love for the church. The men are admonished to, therefore, love their wives in the exact same manner. This love can be seen in how Jesus loved the church endlessly and how he loved his disciple Peter, even through his betrayal.

The kind of love a man should have for his wife is one that should defy all human logic. Despite all her flaws and imperfections, you should love her regardless.

Matthew 14: 22 – 32: The Job of the father of the house is to learn how to deal with the multitudes.

God is calling men to a place of higher responsibility but there are things men would need to deal with in order for them to go up. These are the multitudes. Multitudes are the things that drain resources, focus and time. You cannot rise if you keep hanging on to these multitudes. The worst thing that could happen to a woman is to deal with the multitude that is ordinarily assigned to her husband.


1. If the wind in your life must cease, you must send the multitude away
2. Mark 1: 25, Luke 18:1 – If you’re going to deal with the wind you must be a man of Gods presence. Be prayerful and have a solid relationship with God. It’s time to be the kind of man God wants you to be. You cannot be prayerless and expect mountains to move for your sake.

Women, we need to learn to encourage our husbands to be prayerful. If your husband is walking on water you need to join him in faith and walk alongside with him, stand with him in the storm and stand with him in the fight until he rises.

PRAYER OF EVERY WOMAN: Lord, activate the water walking grace of my husband.

Lastly, the wind is not as powerful as the unity between husband and wife. Families and marriages would move faster if we can hold hands together and break the barriers causing setbacks.

It is our prayer that God will give us the grace to let go of the multitudes, and the ability to rise above every wind of setback and delays in Jesus Name. Amen

Have a beautiful week.

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