The Anatomy of Destiny Helpers [Part 2]

Minister: Pst. Sunday Adebamiro

Text: Gen 41:8-14, 38-40

Topic: The Anatomy of Destiny Helpers

Sometimes God creates a problem in the palace like in our text and He will not give anyone else the privilege to solve the problem until you show up because the problem in the palace is an opportunity for you to have access to the palace. We will be continuing from where we stopped during the first service. We also established that the three (3) characters in our text represents the kinds of destiny helpers one can have. The first one is the Interpreter which Joseph represents while the Butler can be described as the Introducer and Pharaoh is the Lifter. We said interpreters are destiny helpers that use their gifts, their talents, their abilities, their skills, their experience to interpret, to facilitate, to finetune, to advance the dream of others. Every great organization, every great church, every great nation needs an interpreter, in fact needs interpreters. No matter how anointed you are, no matter how intelligent you are, if what you are building is meaningly, if it is significant, you would need at least one interpreter. One person is too small to do anything significant. If your dream is something that only you can advance, only you can interpret, then that dream is too small.

How do you know an Interpreter?

  1. They have special gift, talent and ability.
  2. They are very good at what they do. Proverbs 22:29 MSG. An interpreter adds value. The reason Jospeh’s brothers sold him or even had any problems with his dreams is because they failed to see him as a solution, instead they saw his visions as a threat. Conversely, the reason Pharaoh invited him to the palace is because he saw Joseph’s ability as a solution, not a threat. So, interpreters are solution providers.

The Introducer or Connector (Butler)- No matter your skill, your talent or ability, you need an introducer. The job of the introducer is to introduce the interpreter to the Lifter. The interpreter needs to be introduced to someone who will place a demand on his gift.

How do you know an Introducer?

  1. They are destiny helpers who connect you with platforms, people, positions and opportunities that can change your life dramatically.
  2. Introducers may not be as gifted as interpreters, but they have access to people that interpreters do not have access to.
  3. Introducers may not come in the form and shape you expect. 2 Kings 5:1-19. If you want to provoke the ministry of the introducer, treat every well. Every opportunity you have to relate with people, make it an opportunity to add value.

Few things that provokes the ministry of an introducer

  1. Impact and Value-never place demands on anyone without relationship. Never relate with anyone from the position of need even if that person is a president, make yourself valuable.
  2. Credibility- Credible people are endangered species, if you are credible you will attract introducers. Some people are chasing destiny helpers while the same destiny helpers are chasing some people, the difference is credibility. Your credibility will open more doors for you than it can ever shut.

The Lifter (Pharaoh)-