The Anatomy of Destiny Helpers [Part 1]

Minister: Pst. Sunday Adebamiro

Text: Gen 41:8-14, 38-40

Topic: The Anatomy of Destiny Helpers

Destiny helpers is a phrase a lot of us use. We talk about it, we pray about it, but we don’t even understand it. In the text we just read, we have three major characters, we have Joseph who was a prisoner with gifts of dream interpretation, then we have the Butler who was at a time imprisoned along with Joseph but got restored to his position by virtue of the service Joseph rendered to him. And when there was trouble in the palace, he was the one who referred Joseph’s services to Pharaoh who is the third character, the King of Egypt, the one in the position of authority and power.

This morning, based on these characters, I shall be dissecting the three (3) major kinds of destiny helpers. The first one which Joseph represents is what we call the Interpreter while the Butler can be described as the Introducer and Pharaoh is the Lifter.

The Interpreter (Joseph)– An interpreter is someone who uses his gift, his talents, his skills, his ability to interpret, to facilitate, to support, to expand, to finetune, to execute the dream, the vision of an individual, family, organization, church etc. The question now is how do you know an effective interpreter? The first thing to note is that an Interpreter is not the visioner, he is not the custodian of the vision. He is only the facilitator, the promoter, the supporter of the vision. I need to let you understand something very important, it is okay to be an interpreter of a vision and not necessarily the custodian of the vision. Especially in Christendom, everyone wants to be the pioneer. You are not qualified to start your own vision if you have not translated someone else’s vision. If you are not faithful in another man’s business, who will commit into your hand the one which is your own? I need to emphasis this because of the way motivational speakers has psyched up some of you to take the wrong steps.

An Interpreter has special skill and special talent. In our text, Joseph has the special skill of dream interpretation and he recorded a 100% success rate. It is in the course of your job that you can be evaluated on your degree of excellence or not. Joseph was extremely good at what he does, when he interprets dreams, he does not fail. So, if you’re a consultant, you are an interpreter, if you are an administrator, you are an interpreter, even as IT expert, you are an interpreter. Every field of exploit is an interpreter role. Just one interpreter can revolutionize an environment. 1 Samuel 16:18(AMP)one of the young men said, I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite who plays skillfully, a valiant man, a man of war, prudent in speech and eloquent, an attractive person; and the Lord is with him.

An interpreter is excellent, he is exceptional at his role or duties. He uses his gifts and talents wherever he finds himself. One would have thought that Joseph would leave the prison before using his talents or gifts but no, even as a prisoner, he made himself useful, he performed exceptionally in spite of his circumstance. If you don’t use your gift in the prison, you may never get to use your gift in the palace because it would take someone who has seen or benefitted from the use of your gift to recommend you at the palace. You don’t prepare for the stage on the stage. Some of you are praying for a stage you have not prepared for, what do you think will happen if you get that stage unprepared? And what preparation does is that it gives you confidence to handle the stage when it comes. Preparation helps you maximize your opportunity when it comes. If you don’t take where you are serious, you will not experience where you expect to be. Where you are now is the best opportunity for where you want to be, how you handle it will determine what will happen next.

The Introducer or Connector (Butler)-
The Lifter (Pharaoh)-