Connect Groups

Growing spiritually doesn’t happen when we know what Jesus says. It happens when we apply what he says. Application happens best within the context of community. To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. Join a study, peer or interest group!

The Life Development Programme

The TRANSFORMING CHURCH LIFE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is a Church Membership Process, structured into a training programme to help every new convert and intending member of the “TTC FAMILY” imbibe the values that make up the purpose of the Church.

From the moment a believer is converted to Christ/comes to Church for the first time, such individuals are required to undergo a process that builds them into Maturity, prepares them for Ministry and makes them ready to be released for Mission purposes as applicable.

The entire LDP process is a required CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Programme for all who desire to CLIMB THE TRANSFORMING CHURCH LADDER (from the “CROWD” level to the “CORE” level) and is broken into five (5) interrelated modules for easy comprehension:

  • Discovering your Church family
  • Introduction to Spiritual Maturity
  • Discovering your “SHAPE” for Ministry
  • Discovering your life’s Mission
  • Discovering The Kingdom of God

League Of Professionals (LOP)

The League of Professionals is an arm of The Transforming Church International. It is a kingdom initiative with clear Goals:

  • To provide relevant career education and counseling for all members and non-members.
  • To provide a platform for strategic network amongst all our professionals.
  • To provide a forum for mentoring and career coaching for members and by members.
  • To provide an opportunity for participation in community development and national transformation activities through the different spheres of influence.
  • Provide an atmosphere for spiritual growth and mutual encouragement among members.

We are committed to “connecting professionals to purpose and empowering them to fulfill destiny through the workplace,” and “Raising dynamic Professionals from all the spheres of influence for National Transformation.”

TTC Bible School

If the Bible is the foundation for the Christian life, then it only makes sense that we take the time to study and understand God’s Word correctly.
THE TRANSFORMING CHURCH INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE as an educational institution has developed its entire program around a particular philosophy of education. This philosophy of education is based on three key words: Know (study) Grow (life), and Show (ministry). These three words characterize our approach to education.

Believers are commanded to study the Word of God, accepting it as their foundation and authority. Since discipleship and character building are the responsibility of godly leadership, we need to build an institution that educates students in Biblical doctrine and conduct through the classroom and lifestyle of our staff. Our goal is to produce students that practice excellence within the body of Christ, bringing glory to God.