How To Trigger The Supernatural Power Of God {part 2}

By Rev Sam Oye
Mathew 14: 22-32
Every contrary wind that has been satanically customized, designed to ensure that you never have or become what God has designed for you, I command such a contrary wind to cease in Jesus’ name.
Whatsoever it is that is becoming a recurring reason for your downfall, or setbacks, from today I command such a thing to be cut off from your life.
This recurring weapon of darkness, I command it to cease in its effect. It will not stop you again in Jesus’ name.
This month, you have come to a point where speed is activated.
They said it won’t enter your hands, but I stand under God to declare that it is starting to enter your hands in Jesus’ name. Let the power of God become your tailwind, let His power cancel your headwind.
I decree and declare that you are entering the platform of your destiny.
Every veil covering you, I remove the veil by fire. Your veil is removed, and you shall be recognized where it matters.
The entrance of Jesus is the end of labor.
From today, you will take one step and cover 10 steps in Jesus’ name.
Receive the overtaker’s grace, receive the overtaker’s anointing.
Your services will be patronized by nations.