Minister: Rev’d Sam Oye

Text: Exodus 23:25-28 (KJV)


Again we need to start with 7 things you must remember about God. They are:

  1. God made you.
  2. God endowed you. Whatever makes you feel special or gives you an advantage, it is God who endowed you.
  3. God protects you.
  4. God sustains you.
  5. God loves you.
  6. God redeemed you.
  7. God favours you.
  8. God owns you-The proper response to ownership is service.

You need to know that all these things we mentioned is because God is invested in you and the only reason God is invested in you is because you are His asset. God is committed to making sure you are protected, and you are preserved because you are God’s asset. God’s defense installations around you Is reflective of the fact that you’re so important to him. Turn to your neighbour and tell them, you are so valuable. If God can give His only begotten son in your place, what more proof do you need to show that you are valuable. How is it that heaven believes in you and you do not believe in yourself? Hebrews 9:14 (AMP)how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal [Holy] Spirit willingly offered Himself unblemished [that is, without moral or spiritual imperfection as a sacrifice] to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works and lifeless observances to serve the ever-living God. And, if you are not serving the living God, you will serve self, you will serve Satan, you will serve mammon-money. The greatest challenge of most believers and even the church is service to money. So, people either God or serve God with mammon since you cannot serve God and mammon.

The one you serve is the one you exalt. The one you serve is the one you cannot gift to another. You cannot truly say that you exalt God, and your actions are different. Anyone who brings down mammon gets exalted by God. Mammon is always looking for God’s place in your life. Mammon is the reason for your persistent disobedience to the voice of God. The voice you hear is the voice you honour, the voice you honour is the god you serve. Serve God because you were saved to serve.

Why do you need to serve?

  1. Service prepares you for greatness. The reward for service is not salary, the true reward for service is growth. David served Saul in preparation for being a king. Show me anyone in the Bible who amount to anything, and I will show you their history of service. Failure to do this is why destinies are not achieved. Because what you want to achieve, who is preparing you for it?
  2. Service positions you for greatness.
  3. Service prospers you in greatness.
  4. Service protects you in greatness.