Turning impossibilities to possibilities  By Rev Sam Oye

Turning impossibilities to possibilities   By Rev Sam Oye

Turning impossibilities to possibilities

By Rev Sam Oye

Gen 18:1-14

Abraham and Sarah received a promise from God at their old age to bear a son. To human comprehension, Sarah had passed the age of child birth, so the promise of a son seemed like an impossibility. They, therefore, laughed at the possibility of bearing a child at that old age. They wondered whether God can really fulfill his promise by giving them a son when they have passed child bearing age. Then the Lord asked: “Is anything too hard for me?” You also, as human, need to ask yourself if any thing is too hard for God before you go into the place of prayer.

Sarah had a reason to laugh when she was given the promise from God. She had been exposed to Jehovah, the provider, because God supernaturally provided for Abraham in the past. So, she knew God as Jehovah Jireh. Naturally, the side of God you do not know is the side you can doubt. Sarah also knew that He was the God of battle because she had seen him give victories in the past as well. She was well aware He could do all of that but she hadn’t quite seen him do this seemingly impossible promise of giving a child at that age.

It is easy to trust God about a difficult situation when he has helped you with a similar situations in the past. There are things you have come to believe about God by experience not necessarily because you doubt him. You cannot be praying to God about something you do not believe He can do. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

I want you to revive your faith and confidence in God’s promises to you in years past. Know that God is not slack with His promises. His words will never return to Him void but shall accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. God is ready to revisit all He has promised you; all you have to do is to trust Him. It may seem like what God said years ago may never come to pass, however, be aware that if it has to bear fruit upwards it has to take root downwards. The sheer silence in your life is not the evidence of being ignored. God is not ignoring you; He is simply working overtime to make what He has promised come to pass. He brings His promises to pass in style. It may feel as though nothing is working out in your life. Could it be that you are unplugged? May be in your waiting season, you became unplugged because you could not see results. That is to say you may be close to God yet unplugged.

God hates to be doubted; He loves to be trusted. If you want to see God working in your life again, replug yourself into the promises He has made to you. The Scripture says God is not a man that He should lie neither a son of man that He should repent. Though it may tarry but it must surely come to pass.

God is in the season of turning impossibilities into possibilities. The knowledge of God will influence the workings of your faith. If your knowledge of God is limited, then your faith will be limited. Your knowledge of God will determine how much of God you encounter and receive. No matter what, know that God is able. All things are possible to him that believes. God’s promises over your life will certainly become a reality. Never put your confidence in man; rest only in God because His blessings are eternal.


Impossible is one word that has never been used in the description of the Lord Almighty. Nothing is too hard for God to do. You may be having the worst of times, simply plug into the promises of God and fully trust in Him by eliminating every ounce of doubt in the place of prayer.

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