Who We Are


The Transformers’ League of Professionals (TLoP) is one of the fellowship groups of The Transforming Church (TTC) International aimed at raising men and women who will ascend to the peak of their various professions, sectors, and mountains of influence; to establish God’s kingdom and make global impact.
In line with the vision of the church “to be a leadership multiplication hub for global evangelization”,


Mission: To raise an army of highly successful mountaintop professional transformers making global impact for the Kingdom

Vision: A network of the world’s leading professionals, reshaping sectors globally

the TLoP is committed to the development and equipping of its members (career and business professionals) through its Fellowship, Empowerment, Evangelism, Discipleship (FEED) mandate; with the aim of creating game-changing solutions for the economy and society; and mobilizing mass action for kingdom impact beyond TTC in Nigeria and across the world.


Strategy: Fellowship, Empowerment, Evangelism, Discipleship (FEED)

Mantra: Grow. Multiply. Dominate. Make Impact

Core Values: Leadership, Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, Dominance

We congregate in two levels: (i) as a big Tribe of Professionals under the umbrella of the Transformers’ League of Professionals and (ii) in 15 smaller homogenous sector-specific Leagues below for more focused interactions:


Medical League: Medical Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Health Professionals etc.

Legal League: Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Solicitors, Arbitrators etc.

ICT League: Professionals in Telecommunications, IT, Digital Economy etc.

Creatives League: Professionals in Media, Arts, Entertainment, Communications, Fashion etc.

Builders’ League: Professionals in Real Estate, Estate Management, Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering etc

6. Finance League: Professionals in Banking, Investment, Insurance, Pensions etc.

Management Services League: Management Consultants, Accountants, HR Experts, Researchers, Project Managers, M&E Experts, Strategists etc.

Trade & Business League: Retailers, Wholesalers, Exporter, Importers, Contractors, General Service Providers etc.


Education League: School Proprietors, Teachers, Counsellors, Educational Service Providers etc. 

Government & Public Sector League: Career-minded officials in Government, Military, Politics etc

Development League: Professionals in IGOs, INGOs, NGOs, CSOs, CBOs, NNGOs, Not-for-Profits etc.

Power & Energy League: Professionals in Power, Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas etc.

Transportation League: Professionals in Aviation, Road, Rail, Water, Freight, Logistics etc.

Hospitality League: Professionals in Food & Beverage, Hotel Management, Tourism, Recreation, Event Management etc.

Productive League: Professionals in Agriculture, Mining/Extractives, Manufacturing etc.