Ref Text: Gen 41: 37- 43

Let me begin by saying that if all you can see is just for you and your family, it means you are a ruler of a small community. That was why even though Joseph was the youngest among his brethren, on the ground of revelation, he has already attracted elevation. This simply means that for as much as God will show you, if you can grab it quickly, you will be above all other else. This message is needful for the current economic situation that has taken everyone by surprise.

In whichever area you are not operating at a higher frequency, it is as a result of the limitation of your knowledge about that thing. This means, therefore, that at every point in time, we rise on the wings of revelation. If you can spend time with God on any matter and he shows you the mystery of that matter, you will operate at a higher level. Your current struggle is because of your current level of ignorance. What you dont know is the reason you are still dealing with the same situation many years after.

Daniel became a Governor because he was able to interprete God’s given dream. In the days we are living in Nigeria today, nobody determines your income level except you. However, your ability to procure solution to certain situation will enhance your income level.

The first thing to know about supernatural turn-around is the mentality of solving problems. You cannot be in any business for such a long time if that business is not meant to solve any problem; likewise, no one stays in a church for too long if the church does not appear to be solving some problems. Even though people love God and would want to be in church regularly, but beyond that, they equally want their problems to be solved. The reason, therefore people visit all kinds of negative altars seeking different solution to their problems is because they soon realised that the church can no longer solve their problems. In any family where the man who is supposed to be the Head cannot solve any problems and bills are pilling up daily, that family can never move on. It is because of these examples enumerated above that this message is very important.

I want you to know that problems are some of the common challenges we encounter daily. This is because at every level in life, there are different kinds of ‘devil’ to deal with. In essence, there is nothing as a problem-free situation all through human life. Therefore, problems are a common denominator in the life of every human being. There is, however, a new twist I want to divulge to you about problems: they come to unleash your potentials. In essence, if you are looking for potentials, you are actually looking for problems. The reason is because you are given potentials to solve problems. If you have a singing talent, for example, the talent is for solving the need of others, but if you don’t maximise the talent fully and you are not appreciated, the tendency is that the talent is not fully expressed and so only close members of your family will appreciate you rather that the entire society. That is the reason why so many artistes do not find a ready market for their products because they do not have the larger audience in mind. It is also for this same reason many men remain unmarried because they lack proper understanding of what it takes to do proper packaging of themselves before prospective spouses.

Often times, many people connect their problems to their communities but the reality is that the problems of many people are associated with their level of knowledge about their present situation. I want you to understand, therefore, that problems come to unlock potentials and then unleash creativity. When you decide to solve any problem by engaging your potentials, the problem has no choice but to give way. Any problem common to you menas that you have the potential to solve that problem.

May be you have been constantly undermined because you have the attitude of running away from problems. That is a wrong attitude because within every individual created by God and allowed to live is a problem solving ability. My counsel, therefore, is to ask you to take on more challenges because you can do more than what you are doing presently.

In life, every problem comes with a solution in disguise. You can only discover the solution to a problem through absolute concentration. If you can locate the face of any problem, you can locate the answer to it because concentration brings discovery. The unfortunate thing about the society is that everybody wants to rise to the top of the problem without facing it. Those who get to the top without discovering the face of the problem never has the solution to the problem at the top.

While people are complaining that there are no jobs, I can tell you that there are many jobs but people are simply not facing the problems prevalent in the society seeking for solutions. The moment people begin to see the face of the problems in society, that would in itself create jobs not only for them but for others. Concentration, therefore, is what unlocks your creativity. In other words, when you take any problem to a lone place of meditation, before you leave that place, God will give you the solution that can change your life and others.

If there is anytime that Christians need to create wealth in Nigeria, it is now because there are myriads of problems everywhere seeking for solution. That takes me back to the Bible passage quoted above which says that for as much as God shows you anything, you shall be over them. This is because though we live among them, we are not of them. This is also why we can say there is a lifting up when others are saying there is a casting down. If there is anytime the Church should shine brightest because of the lights and secrets of riches, it is now. My charge to you, therefore, is to engage your minds in order to re-figure matters

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