Sunday Service by Pastor Sunday Adebamiro

Sunday Service by Pastor Sunday Adebamiro
Wonders of Worship 3
By Pastor Sunday Adebamiro
2 Samuel 6:1-21
Worship is the attitude of honouring the person and presence of God. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a song, dance or shout; these all can be an act but the most important thing is the attitude. 
Principles of Worship
1. No matter the level you attain in life, you must never fail to seek God’s presence and glory. David wanted to rule his people with God’s presence, so he went in search of the Ark of God which symbolises the presence and glory of God. He had the understanding of having God’s presence over his position as King.  He wasn’t like Saul who depended on his strength and stature. 
Today in difficult situations, we would by default run to God and seek His presence. But David wasn’t in trouble but he knew he still needed God’s presence in his kingdom. Whatever position you attain through Gods presence, it also takes His presence to maintain it. This may explain why most people do not last on their thrones.
 We are skilled at asking for God’s presence to attain thrones but we are often too busy to seek His presence while we are on the throne. Everyman depends on something to maintain his throne. There are levels you can attain based on neutral grounds but you can’t be sustained based on the same neutral grounds. David learnt to depend on God’s presence and glory, no wonder his reign was outstanding.
2. Regardless of who we are or what we do for God, we should never become too familiar with His presence. As Christians when we fellowship with God, he opens our eyes to see deep and mighty things. God struck Uzzah based on one mistake because he believed he was aware of the consequences of mishandling the Ark of God.
As Christians, therefore, we need to be careful because proximity can either lead to intimacy or familiarity. Uzzah’s display of familiarity was first displayed in his closet not in the public. The lesson here is that never get too familiar with the presence of God because it is dangerous to trivialise His presence. God isn’t weak when His presence is taken for granted.
1 Samuel 2:30 says:
“Wherefore the LORD God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me forever: but now the LORD saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.”
God changed His mind from the linage of Eli because He was dis-honoured. The closer you are to God, the more careful you need to become. Moses also dishonoured God by striking the rod on the rock three times. God punished him by preventing his entry into the promised land. Replacement occurs when people dishonour God. Saul trivialised God’s presence, so God replaced him.  Therefore, be cautious always learn to honour God. 

3. No matter what happens, worship will continue. Please note that your commitment to worship will be tested. David was distraught when he saw that God struck Uzzah dead. Sometimes, we do the right, godly things, yet receive the worst reaction.  Whatever problem worship creates, only worship can correct it. Paul and Silas were arrested for worshipping God but they still continued to worship God with chains in prison. In the end, worship broke their chains and set them free. You cannot afford to be offended at God. No matter what occurs in your life, continue your worship. David was angry at God for three months because he struck Uzzah dead.
 God has a soft spot for worshippers, and David was a true worshipper. God knows the difference between acts and intention. Worshippers honour God in sensitive situations, they will rather die than live without worshipping Him.
You cannot worship God at your own time; worship God at His own time and in the manner He wants it. Worship is a responsibility that must never be transferred. You cannot appoint someone to worship God on your behalf. 
Worship is any act carried out to the glory of God. What is your understanding of worship? 
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