Stand Up and Stand Out Conference with Rev Mrs Funke Felix Adejumo

Stand Up and Stand Out Conference with Rev Mrs Funke Felix Adejumo


Luke 1: 28

Ministering: Rev. (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo

I want to show you certain things that provoke the favour of God as explained from the Scriptures above. The encounter Mary had with the angel which provoked what we read in the above chapter took place in the sixth month and we are presently in the sixth month of the year 2017, therefore I prophesy to you unusual favour in accordance with the Scripture.

Favour, in my own definition is what makes one to be served first even though it will not go round. That is favour. Let me remind you once again that the rules of the game have changed. The race is no longer to the swift but to the blessed. That is why the smartest person does not necessarily win the race anymore but the helped. Once again, I prophesy favour into your life.

I am talking about a situation where God, out of several people, choose one person ahead of others. This is the dimension of the favour I am referring to. You could even be the worst sinner but God has a way of boycotting your mistake to show you favour. I am coming your way with that anointing as you read this. I will not tell you what I don’t enjoy. This is the secret of so many giants you see in the world today and I am an example. Once more I prophesy that people will favour you before they realise it. This favour will take you to the next phase of your life.

It was favour that spotted Mary out of the other virgins before Jesus was born. There is this misconception that because she was a virgin, God spotted her out of other women. That is not correct. In fact, in those days, if you were not found a virgin on your wedding night, you would be stoned to death, therefore, it was not her chastity that spotted her; it was favour because almost all other girls of her age were also virgins. It is that measure of favour I have brought your way today.

In enjoying divine favour, don’t exhibit any trace of pride and arrogance. That was why Lucifer who was one of the Archangels in charge of worship before the Most High lost the favour before God. That is why every worship leader should understand his place in God’s presence. Don’t lose your place to pride. Know that when your head becomes too swollen, your crown may not fit your head. This is what pride does. Everything God does for you should be marvellous in your sight. At every point in time, don’t let your feet be too far from the ground. Learn to be grateful to God. Exhibit gratitude to God at all times.

The same angel that visited Mary with favour also visited Zachariah. That same angel however made him dumb because of disbelief. You need that type of favour that came on Mary. When God favours you, your mistakes become miracles but when you are disfavoured, your mistakes are amplified. May favour follow you.

When I was born 54 years ago, people gathered to sympathise with my father because, according to them, another girl has been born in the family instead of a boy. Today, my father tells me that I am better than seven sons. The favour of God has taken me round the whole world such that I even cry at times. This is because I don’t know what I did to merit it. That is why I am prophesying to you that you will enjoy undiluted favour.

I want to put in your hands what I call prophetic declaration. By this, I mean to say you must learn to use your mouth positively if you want to get to the top. It will help you to design and redesign your destiny. The power of life and death is in the tongue. It is in your hand to speak your way through over your spouse, children, work and everything. Don’t speak what you see, rather speak what you want. In a matter of times, it will be a reality. That is the example in Gen 1 where God spoke and they all came into being. They didn’t come into being because it was spoken by God but He was showing that by speaking, anything can come into being.

Above all, don’t forget to love God with all your heart. The secret of champions is in their stories. Love the things of God with a passion. If you serve God, He will serve you. Especially to all the unmarried, I challenge you to serve God recklessly and expect nothing. Just watch how He will decorate your life with what you did not even ask Him to give you. Serve God with your money, I can assure you that it will not be exhausted. Be passionate about this and watch out for the outcome. There is a move of God in modern times. It is however reserved only for the humbled. God does not throw up; He lifts up.

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