Love and Supernatural Speed: Part 3 By Rev. Sam Oye

Love and Supernatural Speed: Part 3 By Rev. Sam Oye

Love and Supernatural Speed: Part 3

By Rev. Sam Oye

Genesis 14:1-16


In the story of Abraham and Lot, Abraham took him on a journey and God prospered them, unfortunately, Abraham’s workers and those of Lot had conflicts. As a result, Abraham gave Lot the luxury of choosing a new location among his properties. Lot choose Sodom; he, however, wasn’t aware of the future of that city. The Almighty God knows the beginning from the end of things. Some things may not look obviously presentable in the beginning but eventually, they could turn out well and speak for you in the end.

A man with a kingly grace should not function in isolation. Every king should have an alliance. David had his alliance, Solomon benefitted from that alliance while he was building the temple of the Lord. Kings do not rule in isolation because kingdoms are interconnected. The strength of your kingdom is not measured by your kingdom in isolation but by who you are in connection with. In this 21st century, do not function in isolation.

Be very mindful about who you bring into your network. Networks are built strategically, which means you shouldn’t bring anyone into your network who has what you have. The worst thing that can happen to you is to look at your network and find only people who are similar to you. One thing we cannot stand is people who are different from us. To build a strong enterprise, you need people you do not like. Every bilateral relationship has nothing to do with ‘likes’. Learn the act of strategic friendship so that your speed in life would not be impeded. Sometimes, in life, the people you need are not actually the ones you want. You must compartmentalise your relationships; there are friendships for war, economics, marriage, etc. You will make a lot of progress in life if you understand the concept of compartmentalising relationships. Know what a person is for and draw a boundary.

Lot’s prosperity was by association with Abraham but he decided to pull away from Abraham though he gave him the city, he wanted to avoid conflict. After some years, the same Abraham was called upon to help Lot. The question is: would you be willing to help someone who hurt you in the past?

You must learn to protect your secrets. There are certain things you don’t expose to people in your life. When God opens the door for you, do not take everyone through the door because a door opened for you cannot contain everyone. If everyone has to go through the door opened for you, then you will have to be excused.

Learn from the wisdom secrets opened to the Shunamite Prophet’s wife: “If you want your oil to multiply, when you are pouring it out, close the door”. Keep the ‘how’ as your trade secret. Let everybody see the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’. You can only expose the ‘how’ to a few individuals based on pursuit and value. This was why Elijah did not raise mantle on all the sons of the prophet; he waited to see those who truly value his wisdom and mantle enough to follow through the path of discouragement. Elisha was willing to follow him because he valued his wisdom and mantle.

Mind the doors you take people through. Make sure people are interested in you before you open the door God has opened for you. Most times, people are interested in what you have when you open the door God has opened for you to them. Jesus shared almost everything with His disciples but when it came to coming to the transfiguration mountain to truly unveil himself, He took only three of His disciples. Compartmentalise your relationships so that you can know the ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ to take people in your life at different seasons. When God called Moses alone to the mountain top, Joshua accompanied Him but He stopped Joshua before meeting with God even though Joshua was going to become his successor.

Lot departed and years later, he was captured and the news got to Abraham.

Think about the following:

Can you go to war for someone who has been at war against you or would you be willing to help someone who has hurt you in the past? It takes the love of God. Love is not just a definition, it is an expression. Love is not measured by your knowledge on love but by your expression of love. Faith worketh by love. The reason your faith is not working is because your love is defective. Abraham is called the father of faith because he is the father of love. He was hurt by Lot yet Abraham did not only deploy his best resource to rescue Lot when he was captured, he also went with them. This was the proof of the love of God in Abraham. God’s love is not selective, regional or colour-based. His love is unconditional and it is the hallmark of our Christianity. If we say we love God and cannot fully demonstrate it then we do not truly love Him. The true love of God will make you extend the hand of mercy rather than rejoice when those who hurt you fail at life.

On Abraham’s way, back from rescuing (showing love) Lot, he met Melchizedek who conferred the blessings of God on his life. If those who have hurt you didn’t hurt you, you wouldn’t be who you are today. Everything that was done against you has led to where you are today and it will lead further to a greater height tomorrow. Let go of all the hurts and be willing to step in and help whenever you get the news that someone who hurts you in the past is in trouble. When you show love to them, Melchizedek will be on the way to put the blessings of God on your life like you have never seen it before.

When people hurt you, give time and things will work out well. When you focus on God he will give you the grace to show love.


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