Love and Supernatural Speed in Families: Part 2 By Rev. Sam Oye

Love and Supernatural Speed in Families: Part 2  By Rev. Sam Oye

Sunday service 9th July,2017.

Topic: Love and Supernatural Speed in Families: Part 2

By Rev. Sam Oye

Luke 15:11-24

Whenever you notice a reduced level of favour in your life, it might be an indicator that God’s hand has been withdrawn or you have departed from the presence of the Lord. When you sense the withdrawal of favour, do not try to fix it, rather, RUN back to God.

The book of Luke 15 unveils the universal grace of the Almighty God. He is waiting for you to draw near rather than run away because of what you may have done. If you think your lifestyle is contradictory to the Bible, you are still qualified to draw near to God. Do not allow what you have done to take you away from Him. He has promiscuous love (I.e His love towards us knows no boundary). God’s love does not discriminate. Your sins cannot wipe out God’s love for you. Love from our human point of view seems to be interest-driven. We often say we love people but the failure of our word is seen in the limitations of our love expression. The love of God does not condemn but it redeems. God’s love for you is not performance-driven. He loves you regardless of what you do or do not do.

Now, for some people, because their sinful lifestyle is hidden, they classify themselves as people who are the only ones entitled to God. Sometimes when people become religious, they unmask and take away the glory that God has placed on them. Religion and a murmuring spirit can, sometimes, make you refuse to acknowledge the grace of God in the life of another man.

When you are not in Christ, the streets bend you below your privileges in God. They also make you to lose your voice but when God wants to bless a man, He picks him up from a place and takes him to his ordained and desired position.


Wherever God picks you from is most likely the place He will return you to because that place will be your sphere of influence.

Certain people do not like to acknowledge the glory of God in your life. Anyone who wants to reduce the works of God in your life should not have access to your space, because they can become infectious by spreading the culture of dishonour around you. Therefore always acknowledge and honour God’s grace in the life of men because it could be a link for your own blessings.


In the analogy of the lost sheep, the sheep wandered away out of the control of the shepherd while that of the lost coin happened when something appears missing in the house. Is it possible to be in a church and yet allowed to be lost in that church? The Scripture says the shepherd went looking for the lost sheep but for the lost coin, he had to sweep to  find it.


The story of the prodigal son is also a dramatic narrative of a family where the father is the protagonist, the antagonist is the younger son and the skeptic who is the elder son.

The skeptic, like the elder son is quite; he’s only heard when someone else is about to be blessed. He doesn’t have stamina for the lifting of others. He’s happy only when he’s being lifted up. This story is about the unconditional love of God. Nothing ruins a man like negative awareness.

God is preparing you for what you had originally been prepared for.  He’s developing capacity in you for what He has reserved for you. If you do not listen to Him, you will learn in the field of experience. Whatever has been said to you that is pulling you away from God cannot ultimately sustain you. God is our father and source, never allow anyone disconnect you from your source. You are only a beneficiary of God’s gift, not the benefactor. Whatever comes by association can only be sustained by association. The prodigal son disconnected from his father, the source, because he wanted to enjoy his life “now”. He relocated morally and locally to a distant land so that he will not be reached by his father due to the deception of ‘greener pastures’, but the outcome was not palatable.


One of the pains of deception is that sometimes there is a discordance between our heart and head; about what God has told us to do and what people are telling us to do. The glamour of what’s being presented can sway us if we do not have a support system. Family is therefore, the support while father is the source.


The prodigal son was not given his true inheritance because his father, the source, is the embodiment of true inheritance. True inheritance is transferred by the laying of hands and not through ceded property as was the case of this prodigal son. True inheritance cannot be spent, it generates what you can use to spend. After the prodigal son got his little inheritance from his father, he went far away. Know, however, that people will only be around you for as long as you are relevant to them.  The calling of a father is such that he can sense the heart of a son or daughter from afar, an absence of this sense leads the father to a state of ruin. Certain people are interested in what you have and not who you are; it is only wisdom that can help you to identify them.


The prodigal son came from the kingdom and joined the system. Remember that the kingdom the prodigal son came from gave him what he had by favour but he joined the system to get what he now needs by labour. He, however, discovered himself and decided to return back to his father.

God is gracious but grace cannot be released until there is true repentance in place. True repentance is an addition of confession and change of direction.

I want to tell you that  He is working on you to bless you. He is working on the vessel (you) that will contain His glory. Do not worry about those that have gone before you; God is planning unimaginable blessings for you. He knows when to birth you into your assignment. Stay in the place of preparation. It is better to prepare long and well and step out and do amazing things than to be unprepared when in the spotlight.

No matter what you have done, come back home to God; He’s waiting for you with open arms.  What God has in store for you cannot be compared to what He has already given to you.

The younger son was the sheep that the father, the shepherd, went in search of and was found while the lost coin was the elder son that required the sweeping of his heart.

Note that the prodigal son realised that although all privileges has been restored but he had lost his birthright; he has only the father which is by far better than birthright. That should be the mind-set of anyone in that position.

Heaven has been preparing for your homecoming!

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