Love and Supernatural Speed Continues By Rev. Sam Oye

Love and Supernatural Speed Continues   By Rev. Sam Oye
Love and Supernatural Speed Continues
By Rev. Sam Oye
Mark 2:1-4
Wherever you see love, you will see acceleration. If love is found in a family, church and nation, then acceleration will, correspondingly, be seen as well. A nation doesn’t need to know God to progress; it only needs to function by the principles of God for prosperity. If a nation imbibes the principles in the Scripture and truly worships the Almighty God, that nation will prosper. 
One principle of God’s word that guarantees success is hard-work. The Bible says for every labour, there is a reward. Nations with unusual strong work ethics are always successful This is the hidden but obvious secret of China today. Another principle of God’s word that guarantees success is love. A nation with inherent love for themselves will be successful. A nation where human lives are not taken seriously will not progress. Nations where unity is not given consideration, will not be successful. Also, a nation where the people only subscribe to prayers without value for human lives will not progress. It is true that miracles can birth a nation but miracles cannot grow a nation; only principles can. Nations grow when selflessness becomes the culture of the people. Love brings supernatural speed in all spheres of life. Therefore, know that the greatest of all virtues is love. It is above all things.
God created everyone with a purpose, a plan and potentials. Like the paralytic man in the text above, God has a purpose, plan and potential for man. Although he had all of this, he was incapacitated. He had the ability to be who God has called him to be, but he had the inability to accomplish it. He was, however, lucky because of the kind of friends he had who surrounded him until he got out of paralysis.
According to Wikipedia, Paralysis is the loss of muscle function accompanied by the loss of sensation in the affected area. Paralysis is caused by damage in the nervous system especially in the spinal cord. Every family needs someone who functions as a spinal cord because supply flows from the spine. Several things can lead to paralysis and there are different degrees to paralysis.
The reason people do not take life seriously is because although certain parts in their lives are working out well, they simply do not care if other parts aren’t working out. If you let the enemy have a foothold in your life, he won’t stop at that until he has gained a strong hold in your life. Small losses always lead to bigger losses. This is the gentle, subtle move going on against Christendom today. It is for this reason that certain policies are being developed in high places in the country today, amazingly, Christians are ONLY watching and, at best, merely praying. They have forgotten that there is what the Scripture identifies as ‘prayer without work is dead’.
Martin Luther King said, “If we preach only from the pulpit, we will not change anything in the society.” 
As Christians, we should NOT only be focused on prayers; we need to go into our different spheres of influence and make impact by making things better. It is often said that evil continues when good men do nothing. The enemy is very strategic while Christians are very accidental in whatever they do. The worst way to die is to never express your intentions because of the fear of death which will eventually take you away. Those who fear death die but those who do not fear death eventually live. Death respects those who are bold. The wish to live is stronger than death. 
Philippians 1:21:
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
Once a man has an assignment, he cannot be taken before it is over; it is the law of life. Stop praying for long life; find your assignment. This is because assignment suspends death. For every assignment, there are assigned angels. 
The moment you notice something abnormal, wake up in the place of prayer and put strategic plans in place. Pray and ask God for strategy. 
In times when you do not have what it takes to accomplish your dreams, may God bless you with the gift of friends. Friends who will stand by you until you have been lifted. You need people but how do you expect people to stand by you when you haven’t stood up for anyone. If God’s mind is full of you and yours is full of you, how do you expect people to stand by you when you think only of yourself. Sometimes, you need to put the desires of others before yours. What is your joy if you have what it takes to change someone’s life but you simply won’t. Whatever you give to change someone else’s life, it does not reduce you.
Sometimes you need to sacrifice some of your luxury to help uplift a life. Giving to someone in need should be as the Lord has blessed you. Do not give a little based on what others are giving; it is based on their capability. It is one thing to help lift a person up; it is another to help keep the person up. It will cost you something to lift up a soul but keep in mind that after the lifting, you would not need to lift up that soul again. When we are in love, we forget about what we want and do what is right. Your family will make progress if there is unity. If there is going to be love that produces speed, then there must be unity, sacrifice, leadership and humility.
The focus shouldn’t be on who’s leading a family but what progress is being achieved in that family. As wonderful as the help of man is needed, do not lean too much on men; they get tired but you have an everlasting arm that stretches through the universe; He is our strength and shield. He is the Almighty God. Sometimes, people will pose as a barrier to prevent you from helping others, do not give in. Do whatever it takes to help because you have not helped until you continue to the end.
Therefore, make up your mind to help someone get to the top.
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