Letting Go Of Fear.

Letting Go Of Fear.

Text: Matthew 25 vs 14-30

Nothing can paralyze your ability to succeed in life like fear. Life owes you nothing. You cannot go about life wishing that men would make you wealthy. Life doesn’t give you what you wish, life gives you want you demand.

In life, if you do not maximize opportunities, they will elude you.

Don’t blame anyone for the flaws in your life. Make the most of your time. Poverty is not a life sentence; it is a unique opportunity to break limits.

#Fear is a negative feeling caused by our anticipation of an imaginary negative event. It is that thing that makes you want to run away from something imaginary.

Why don’t you challenge your fear?
Why continually fear a fear that you have not challenged? The Fear of Fear is the beginning of Failure.

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