This is our Code of Honor and Guiding Principles

Loyalty is vital. We shall above all things be loyal to God, the Church, our leadership and the workforce by always allowing the mission, vision, objectives, strategy and values of TTC to guide our actions, decisions and interactions with one another.

Innovation is crucial. We shall be creative, innovative, dynamic, attempt great things, never accept defeat, pursue excellence as a lifestyle, always seek to do small things in a big way, old things in a new way, and at all times, exceeding people’s expectations.

Honour is supreme. We shall rejoice with one another, honour one another, care for one another at all times and, never leave a fellow TTC member in crisis.

Excellence is responsibility. We shall seek to be accountable and responsible at all times. We will render excellent service with honour at all times in and out of the church.

Glory is God’s. We shall not seek personal recognition for our actions or achievements but, in all things, give glory to God as the Source, Enabler, Sustainer and Doer of all good things.

Self-control is maturity. We shall exhibit the fruit of the Spirit at all times by watching and choosing to keep under spiritual control our emotions, actions, interactions, and reactions, regardless of the circumstance or situation that we might find ourselves in.

Integrity is everything. We shall pursue uncompromising integrity as our standard by ensuring that our character is steadfast and our words are our bond. We will do what we promise.

Contemporary is great. We shall walk in liberty, dignity, be contemporary, and still be modest in our dressing such that, we avoid any indecent or provocative appearance that offends others and dishonors God. We are royalty.

Leading is serving. We shall increase our leadership capacity, be willing to lead, and be led therefore, in the absence of a leader to give direction where necessary, we shall take charge, lead other teammates, and accomplish the mission of TTC by serving excellently.

Training is continuous. We shall give ourselves to continuous discipleship and leadership development training in order to achieve our mission and the vision given to TTC by God.

Worship is divine. We shall give ourselves continually to creating a healthy environment for inspiring worship to thrive thereby creating the platform for lives to be changed. We worship the Most High God.

Family is life. We shall build healthy relationships and strong families. We shall not condone any perpetrator of betrayal, division, confusion, or rumour. We will protect the unity and stability of our families.