“BREAKTHROUGH CONFERENCE 2017” with Dr. Mike Murdock

“BREAKTHROUGH CONFERENCE 2017” with Dr. Mike Murdock

Dearly Beloved,

Grace be unto you in the precious, inimitable, and matchless name of Jesus Christ.

It is with great joy that I write to humbly and personally invite you on behalf of Board and Members of The Transforming Church to be our Special Guest at the forthcoming “BREAKTHROUGH CONFERENCE 2017” with Dr. Mike Murdock from April 21st – 23rd, 2017. It will be 3-days of Spiritual Impartation.

Dr. Murdock started preaching the gospel at the age of 8 and has continued until this fruitful age of 71. He has preached to over 23,000 audiences in over 133 countries of the world. He has authored over 900 books. He features regularly on TBN, CBN, BET, WORD Network, Inspiration Network, LeSea Broadcasting and other networks.

During these 3-days event you will receive God’s SECRETS, STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS for your LIFE, BUSINESS, CAREER, FAMILY and MINISTRY…Your life will forever be transformed!

The schedule for the 3 impartation services are as follows:
– Friday 21st April: 5.30pm
– Saturday 22nd April: 9:00am
– Sunday 23rd April: 8.30am

Venue: The Transforming Church,
TTC Auditorium, End of 7th Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja.

Because you mean so much to us, it will be a great honour and privilege for us to reserve a seat for you therefore, kindly text “RESERVE SEAT FOR ‘YOUR NAME'” to 08062161154. However, to avoid “seat transfer” kindly be seated not later than 30 minutes into the service.

We are all fired up and excited to receive you!

Grace be with you.
Pastor Sam Oye
Lead Pastor TTC

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