The 7 Pillars of Great Families (Obedience) – Rev. Sam Oye

The 7 Pillars of Great Families (Obedience) – Rev. Sam Oye

Genesis 26 vs 1-14
Topic: The 7 Pillars of Great Families Pt 2 (Obedience)

“No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?” – Lee Iacocca.

From our text, there was famine (hunger due to scarcity or shortage of food supply). Isaac decided to take his family and leave the City because of the situation in the land but, God told him to stay back in the same land. Isaac did not only obey God, but sowed (invested) in that same land to prove that he trusted in his God. God responded to such level of trust and obedience with an uncommon blessing upon the family of Isaac. His household became the wealthiest and the most enviable family in the entire nation. Always remember that, ‘the proof of obedience is corresponding action.’

God wants you to have a great family because, family is critical to your total success in life. It provides you with the much needed foundation and support system that you need to go through the most crucial and challenging moments that life often throws at all. At such times it is usually your family and very few friends that will stand by you. It is therefore critical that you spend quality time with your family in atmosphere of love and mutual respect. Remember always that, “In time of test, family is best.” – Burmese Proverb.

Think about Jesus… He had the multitude running after him screaming Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, but, when he found Himself in trouble with the leaders and government of His day, the multitude were nowhere to be found. Not even those whom he had healed or raised from the dead could step forward to testify about Him, He was left alone with his “family” and few others who stood firm with him and followed through to the end.

The crowd will never follow you where the core (family) will follow you to. Don’t get carried away by the crowd especially when you’re enjoying certain level of success. Don’t love the crowd at the expense of your family, because family is everything you’ve got.

The question you need to ask is;

Do you have a group you call family?

How strong is the bond in your family?

Can it withstand the test of time?

Does your family members have the capacity to withstand the kind of prosperity that is coming? Hope when money comes, it will not reveal the moral, spiritual or financial weaknesses of your family structure or bond?

Family is important, and as such dealing with issues that affect the family should be taken very seriously. Although we crave for financial breakthroughs, it is also important that we build families capable of handling the liftings that we are praying for, because money oftentimes reveals our true nature as human, which could negatively impact the family. Watch your heart! A man’s act can be wrong and God will forgive him, but when a man’s heart is wrong, everything about him is wrong.

Great families are made up of imperfect individuals who are passionate about obeying God’s instruction to the letter. Obedience creates the atmosphere where favour flourishes. Disobedience on the other hand opens the door for loses to come in. Obedience is a reflection of how much you honor God.

Disobedience is a proof of dishonor towards God. Dishonoring God opens the door for losses to come into a nation, organization, and family. Some challenges your family is facing today can be traceable to certain acts of disobedience towards God in times past. Once you allow the root of dishonor toward God to thrive in your live and family it will hinder or stop the flow of God’s favour into your life.

Great families (Husbands and Wives) honour God by working in obedience toward God, His Word and Instructions.

What is that one thing that you keep doing but God is not pleased with? Are you aware that your personal disobedience can open the door for seasons of losses and pain that can negatively affect your family?

The entire household of Achan was wiped out due to his personal disobedience to God (Joshua 7 vs 1-26). Although in this dispensation of Grace no one suffers for the Sin of another, nonetheless, there are indirect or direct consequences that families suffer because of the poor choices and decisions that couples make in violation to God’s word and will.

We need to develop the practice of total obedience as individuals and corporately as families so that our homes will be a conducive place for the favour of God to continually thrive.

Having a great family begins with turning and returning to God by acknowledging that you are a sinner and that you are absolutely incapable of saving yourself therefore, with humility you come to God saying:

Dear Heavenly Father, I recognize that I am a sinner and cannot save myself therefore I come to you confessing that I believe that Jesus Died, He was buried, and He rose again just for me therefore, I ask that you accept me, forgive me, and make me your child in Jesus Name.

If you just prayed that prayer, get in touch and let us know what God has done for you. Also, if you find yourself in Abuja and will love to Worship with us, Be My Guest!

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